Actions against the business of migrants' detention (vom 21.10.2005),
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[21. Oct 2005]

Actions against the business of migrants' detention

On 21st of October 2005 activists have occupied the offices of two companies which are going to run the new detention centers of Bari and Gradisca (Italy).

The initiative wants to point out that companies taking profit from migrants' detention and deportation are responsible of the violence against them.

Bari - Offices of the Italian Red Cross occupied by the NoCPT network.
The initiative is to denounce the violence represented by the system of migrants’ detention. Detention centers are the product of immigration laws based on labour exploitation and on economic interests such as those of Italian Red cross that runs several detention cetters in Italy
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Gradisca d'Isonzo - Offices of the Green Cross occupied.
Preparing the demonstration of tomorrow against the opening of the new detention center, raimbow balaclavas of "the faceless ones" the offices of the Green Cross to ask it to give up with the running of this detention camp. The banner put outside the offices sayd "no camps in our lands"
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For the immediate closure of all detention centres!

Saturday, 22 Oct 2005: Demonstrations against two new detention camps

In Italy detention centres were born in 1998 thanks to a leftist government law, which the following government confirmed in 2002 with the enforcement of the so called 'Bossi-Fini' immigration law.

Thousands of foreign nationals in Italy, some of them asylum-seekers, are subject to expulsion or refusal-of-entry orders each year. These orders are issued on grounds of illegal, or attempted illegal entry to, or illegal residence in Italy, and the majority currently require that the people concerned be escorted to the border by law enforcement officers and expelled from the territory. While awaiting their removal from Italy these individuals are deprived of their liberty and detained in 'temporary stay and assistance centres' (CPT), where they may be held for up to a maximum of 60 days, until the orders can be carried out, or the maximum detention limit is reached. (see :: Amnesty International report about CPT's)

CPT's are places hidden from the eyes, protected by walls which make them invisible, defended by armed soldiers and high networks of steel and barbed wire.

Two big demonstrations will go on in in Gradisca d'Isonzo and in Bari S.Paolo against war-like European policies on migration, against the opening of two new migrants' detention camps in Italy and for the freedom of circulation.

Both demonstrations are being called by a new national network that reclaims the immediate closure of all detention centres. This network was born in Bari in July 2005 when thirteen regional governors stood up against detention centres.

This network is new but still it holds memory of past initiatives and campaigns and it reclaims amnesty to all "crimes" linked to illegal immigration and to "crimes" linked to movements struggles for the closure of all detention centres.

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radio broadcasting of October 22nd event

Starting off at 2.00 pm radio broadcasts by Progetto Melting Pot Europa, coverage of the two demonstrations in Bari and in Gradisca d'Isonzo against the opening of two new detention centres. The radio transmission will also offer deepenings and correspondences with France, Spain, Morocco, United Kingdom, Mexico and Australia.

The coverage of October 22nd event will be broadcasted by:
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