Stop pay to stay! (vom 09.07.2007),
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[09. Jul 2007]

Stop pay to stay!

In the morning of July 7th 2007, hundreds migrants crossed the city of Bologna/Italy saying: "stop pay to stay!", protesting against the new system for renewing their residence permit which costs 72 euros per person and against the Bossi-Fini Law.

Migrants demonstrated in chains, showing to the city the condition to which the Bossi-Fini Law wants to force them. They brought a banner to denounce: "Poste: government robber!".

When they arrived in front of the main postal office, migrants ripped hundreds facsimiles of the document to fulfil for applying for the renew, braking their chains and saying: "We are here without asking the permit!". Then the demo went back to the city centre, while dozens men and women took word in order to denounce the robbery made by the Poste and by the Government, the blackmail of the link between labour contract and residence permit, the threat of detention centres, the theft of their contributions.

When they arrived in front of the Government offices, a delegation met a functionary to give him a letter addressed to the Italian internal minister, Giuliano Amato, and to the minister of social solidarity Paolo Ferrero, where migrants explained their instances and their demands.

Again, migrants brought in the streets their rage, being protagonists of their struggles!

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