Noborder Camp After Border Repression Against Anti-NATO Activists (vom 27.03.2008),
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[27. Mar 2008]

Noborder Camp After Border Repression Against Anti-NATO Activists

Before the 20th NATO summit in Bucharest, Romania, several acitivists were stopped at the borders. On March 25, 2008, a No Borders Camp started on the Bulgarian side of Ruse (Bulgaria) - Giurgiu (Romania). Anti Nato Week in Bucharest from March 28 - April 5, 2008.

Since the Romanian N.A.T.O. Summit was confirmed, people who do not agree started their own campaign against N.A.T.O. While the summit preparations were in progress the corporate main-stream media started its own campaign of misinformation and public opinion manipulation against the critical point of the anti-militaristic movement. Using only violent protest images and presenting wrong facts, they turned anti-nato activism into a war-hungry, militant alliance (much like N.A.T.O. itself) monster that is going to attack Bucharest. All this misinformation created a reason for the authority's repression. Any future repression was shown as a measure of security, typical N.A.T.O. strategy (creating an enemy to have an excuse for a war).

On March 21, 2008, six persons felt the repression of the border police for 19 hours, when they tried to enter in Romania. All of them were german citizens, and were coming to express their opinion and disagreement with N.A.T.O. politics. They brought few anti- N.A.T.O. materials (that contained only public information like a visitors' guide, a legal guide...), cd's with documentary movies, buttons, patches, t-shirts, posters all on the subject of human rights.

After being held 19 hours without a reason they were illegally and forcefully deported against their own will. During these 19 hours at the Calafat border-control they resisted in a creative way, making and showing banners against border and state repression (read :: Personal Experience from Calafat Deportation).

Few days later, on March 25, 2008 the same six persons retried to cross the border without having anti Nato material, and anti - violence material (quoting the representative from the border police). After 2 hours of being searched again and again, the police deported them by force again even if they had no reasons to do it (yes in violations again of many things, any surprise there?).

As a protest a No Borders Camp was started on the Bulgarian side of Ruse - Giurgiu.

NATO summit and Anti-NATO days

The 20th NATO summit from April 2nd to April 4th, 2008 will be the largest one in the history of NATO, as all the 23 member states of the NATO Partnership for Peace will attend, besides 26 member states of the alliance.

Approximately 3.000 high-ranking officials are expected to participate in the summit, whose security will be guarded by some 9.000 Romanian troops, officers of the Special Guard and Protections Service, police officers and gendarmes. The expenses of the event are estimated at 30-35 million euro.

An autonomous :: Anti Nato Week will take place from 28th of March until 5th of April 2008 in Bucharest / Romania. The happening is organized and held on the basis of self-organization, horizontal relations, mutual respect and responsibility. (:: read the Call Out)

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