Euromayday 2008: CALL 2 ACTION (vom 18.04.2008),
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[18. Apr 2008]

Euromayday 2008: CALL 2 ACTION

MayDay! MayDay! From Milano to Helsinki, from Malaga to Berlin, MayDay Parades have spread throughout Europe and beyond.

They express the common will to fight precarization and the criminalization of migrants, to make the daily struggles of the precarious visible, to work together to subvert and disrupt the flows of money and power in Fortress Europe.

Nowadays, precarity is structural and generalized. It's the paradigmatic condition of work. Structural, because it is the modern form of capitalistic dominance on labur, the outcome of individual bargaining at the expense of collective bargaining. Further, labor precarity is transformed into precarity for life. When the separation between working time and living time blurs, in a context where worktime can be expanded with no limits, precarized labor conditions become precarious conditions of existence. Migrant workers are the most precarious among the precarious. This is the main claim made by EuroMayDay 008. Precarity negatively affects income security, housing, mobility, provides discriminatory access to knowledge and skills, denies open&free information, communication, and sharing.

While our situations are diverse, we are united in the need to find new ways to counter the ever increasing capitalist claims on our lives. We are united against precarity and detention centers, that's why we ask for:

That's why we ask for: unconditional basic income stability a european living wage full legalization for migrants self-organizing and unionizing rights freed from repression access to culture, knowledge, and skills the right to cheap housing

Europe 008: Nowhere to Run

The air we breathe - informal sharing overtaking industrial culture, endless days, nights of sorrow, moments of hope, where is my money gone, where is it gonna come from. The heavy air - people on the run, floating europe, border patrols on your back. The heavy breath - the ancien regime of regulation and social security of europe in crisis; capitalism - more than a word, a totalitarian license to fuck everybody over, a historical age that must be overcome. The air we breathe - our societies, our friends, our relations, our struggles, our common breath, our evolving ideas and loud demands: european legalization for the sans papiers and a basic income for all. Because tomorrow has to be a better day. By any means necessary.

R U Precarious?
Get Up, Stand Up,
Fight 4 EuroRights,
Get, Up, Stand Up,
Take Up a EuroFight.
PayBack Time is Here.
See Ya There.

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds." Bob Marley

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