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[08. Sep 2008]


Taken at the Dikili noborder-camp.

In the last ten years 492 refugees were found dead on the Greek or the Turkish coast while trying to reach the EU in the Egean sea. At least 504 persons are missing.
To raise attention to this topic we painted rocks and flotsam red and built this number on the beach. Leaflets were distributed to the interested passersby.

The police has been asking for the names of all particpants since the beginning of the camp, they threatened with tend-raids and ID-controls. After hard negotiations they were given 8 names first, then 50 and on the third day of the camp they asked for all the passports.
So we called the press and staged a border checkpoint which we would have to pass before giving our passports. The police was surprised, they excused for the rude treatment and were given 10 names that they already had.