Day of decentralised action Friday 10th October 2008 (vom 21.09.2008),
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[21. Sep 2008]

Day of decentralised action Friday 10th October 2008

Call for action:
For the abolition of borders of state and capitalism.
Day of action for freedom of movement and residence.

Several anti-racist groups and organisations have called a countrywide day of action for 'right of residence' on the 10th of October 2008. Away from any moralising displays of compassion for 'integrated' refugees, we want to use this day as an opportunity to forward the struggle for freedom of movement.
Our protest is directed at the system of migration controls, at the selection of immigrants and at the brutality of the deportation system.

We insist on the freedom to migrate, on the right to stay and on freedom of movement. We extend our solidarity to the persecuted, to the outlawed, to the exploited, to the adventurers! Our solidarity includes all people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

We proclaim our solidarity towards all those who fight for the right of residence, who resist the outrageous racist special laws for refugees and migrants, who hinder deportations, who take their own freedom of movement. On this day of action we will join in protest to support everyday struggles for dignity and rights.

Freedom of movement means overcoming those borders which cause incredible repression and torture and kill people on a daily basis, which lock them up in camps, turn them into slaves for cheap wages and add fuel to conflicts of interests...

The events, which display with brutality along the borders of Europe, are continued within: everyday racism, poorly paid employment, abysmal housing, custody pending deportation, torture, murder and deportation. The borders are everywhere.

The so called 'refugee movement' is a political movement, because it radically highlights the misery and cynicism of the global authority. Our struggle is not a form of charity. It is solidarity and a search for common ground with those people who due to their uncompromising movement along Europe's borders fight a daily struggle with their own existence and bodies against the global racism of capitalist nation states.

Freedom of movement means that EVERYONE can be where they need or want to be! Freedom of residence!

We will throw a spanner in the works via demonstrations, agency visits and creative protest actions. Get involved with your own actions on the day of decentralised action for freedom of residence!

Demonstration for the right of movement and residence

10th of October 2008 in Vienna
Meeting point: 4pm at the Marcus Omofuma monument (on the corner of Mariahilferstraße/Museumsquartier)