Police Brutality and Oury Jalloh Case of Injustice in Germany (vom 22.12.2008),
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[22. Dec 2008]

Police Brutality and Oury Jalloh Case of Injustice in Germany

A Call for solidarity: Brothers and sisters, 7th of January marks four years of Oury Jalloh's murder by the Dessau police. As the German judiciary found the policemen concerned not guilty in spite of the massive and publicly known irregularities and contradictions.

We need to be prepared for another demonstration as the day is fast approaching; we need to come together again to fight this injustice. We should not relent our efforts, we should continue to strive hard, we should use this injustice of the judiciary to defend the further killings of foreigners not just Africans but all nationals living legally and illegally in Germany.

The story of Oury Jalloh

On the 7th of January 2005 was the day Oury Jalloh was killed by the German police station in Dessau. Oury Jalloh was tied with handcuffs to a fire-proof mattress at his hands and feet. The cause of death was officially recorded as heat shock, as claimed by the police. This was found to be false by the African communities and some German advocates. From the African communities' investigation, Oury Jalloh was killed by the police and in order to cover up, they set fire on the mattress and apportioned the blame to him that he burnt himself.

However, on the 8th of December 2008 was the 60th court hearing since 2006 and the final jury verdict was in question. When shall the German authorities get rid of the racist act? When shall truth prevail in this current globalised world especially in Germany?

Oury Jallow's case was silence in Dessau community as they felt Mr. Jallow was Mr. Nobody. Mr. nobody's case was brought to book by one of his best friends – Mr. Mouctar Bah two years ago. The case however provoked a lot of doubts in the mind of many including the Voice, The Caravan, and Antiracist groups. Since then, the interest on the issue has increased and has become a serious affair of many journalists and individual foreigners in Germany.

According to the investigators, fire broke out in the cell around midday. The fire alarm went off on two occasions; there were noises and cries of help coming from the acoustically controlled cell. But the policemen on duty claimed to turn off the sound at 12 midday because they could not understand a telephone conversation coming from outside the station. Is this how police people work? How can a police officer on duty turn off a signal alarm as a result of disturb from interactions or telephone conversation? This is terrible. As also claimed by the police officer, he went down to the cell after the alarm stopped, and found Oury Jalloh lying on a burning mattress, and his body was practically charcoaled. There has been a lot of irregularities in the case of Oury Jalloh from the side of the policemen and the unfair judgments of the judiciaries. The police claimed that Oury Jalloh was with a lighter in the cell which he used to burn himself. This is ridiculous.

The whole world is aware that when going into a police cell, the person is searched and empties all what he or she possesses, how does Oury Jalloh got into the cell with a lighter? Beside, Oury Jallow was burnt but the lighter wasn't. How comes? Fellow Africans, this case of injustice for Oury Jallow has gone on long enough. These two policemen has been pardoned and found not guilty by the Dessau Community. They are the real victims in a case that compromises the integrity of Africans as well as the World Legal system. Fellow Africans, Oury Jalloh's case is an elegantly constructed historical story about an egregious miscarriage of justice involving racial prejudice and perpetuator of injustice.

Brothers and sisters, 7th of January will mark four years of Oury Jalloh's murder. As the German judiciary has stolen our right, in spite of the massive and publicly known irregularities and contradictions, the responsible police, Judges and doctors have decided to be injustice. As this day is fast approaching, we need to come together again to fight this injustice.

Another amazing aspect is that the Authorities lodged a complaint that the Oury Jalloh family members who travelled from Guinea Bissau to Germany to witness the hearing is believed to be fake. When shall justice prevail in Germany on foreigners? However, press has witnessed the racist background in relation to the clear circumstances that becomes unclear of the death of Oury Jalloh to the German authorities.

Germans always speak of racism of Nazis in the streets. The truth is that, German authorities are the true Nazis. The Nazis in the police, Judiciaries and ministries should first be eradicated before speaking of the common ones in the streets.

Another important aspect to note is that Mouctar Bah, the person who has most engaged himself for truth and justice in the case of the murder of Oury Jalloh, is being criminalized, frustrated and persecuted in Dessau until he finally packed out of the community and moved to Berlin. On the 7th of February, the local authorities closed Mouctar's Telecafé and accused him of harboring allowing people who sell drugs into his business centre.

Brothers and sisters, it is time to put an end to racism and the speaking of Nazis. African communities should be stronger to defend their rights. They should come together to speak one voice. One voice shall place us all to a single community to gain our dignity. This is just the beginning of the struggling.

We therefore call on all African communities to join us in Dessau on the 7th of January 2009 for the 4th year remembrance of the murder of Mr. Oury Jallow and in a peaceful demonstration. On this day, we shall discuss the next step to continue the struggle until justice prevails in this case. What we are fighting for is to ensure that no black person or foreigner dies again in the hands of the barbaric police brutality and the act of racism in Germany. This is the essence of this resolute campaign. The brutality of police and racism in Germany needs to be terminated through force and drawing the world’s attention. Our silence will not help instead will escalate further killing. We as a people are the ones that can stop the barbaric act. It is time for us to fight, let fight for justice and free movement. Free movement is one of the fundamental rights of all humanity according to the UN constitution. Do not forget the word of Dr. Martin L. King, where he states that “an individual has not started living until he or she rises above the narrow confines and to accept the broader concern of all humanity”. It is time we all accept the concern of all humanity, the acceptance of the concern of all humanity will place us all in one world to speak one voice. A lot of killings have taken place in Germany, we should therefore let this be the last. Arberto Adriano from Mozambique was also murdered by the NAZI in the same Dessau in 2000. If we fold our hands, it may be you tomorrow. It is therefore encouraging for you to work harder for your right and to protect others.

African communities will never forget this day. The struggling of Africans will put an end to this injustice and police brutality.

On this day, police made several attempts to arrest the speaker of the Voice Refugee Forum in front of the police station and court thinking that would result to the end of the protest, but the one voice of people advocating for true justice could not permit them. This was just the beginning of our struggle.

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