Oppressed people unite! (vom 03.05.2009),
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[03. May 2009]

Oppressed people unite!

1. May Message by the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants in Germany.

Proletarians of all countries
and oppressed people UNITE!

At a time that various type of bourgeois-minded groups are preparing themselves for a "good time" on the occasion of the First of May, dancing and drinking and enjoying under the dominance of capitalism, we the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants want to remind all that capitalism is hell for us refugees and migrants.

For more than 500 years the capitalist hunters were stealing and enslaving the African, Latin American and Asian peoples. If once they massacred entire nations as in the Indian and Congolese case, today their mass murder apparatus has so developed that we have to escape from our homelands to big imperialist countries where they forced us to live as slave workers. We, the people of the dominated world have to escape from our destroyed countries, taking the risk of being drowned in the cold waters of the oceans, searching for a safe place to live like humans, but here we are rated as second class human beings, the slave workers of imperialist countries. We as the Caravan have branded powerfully this crime by saying: "We are here because you are destroying our countries."

Now everybody knows that world capitalism is in crisis. For this misery each part of the bourgeois class tries to put the blame on the other part. Different states, trying to present themselves as neutral forces, claim that because of lack of control over financial affairs a lot of money has "disappeared". For this they blame the big banks. Such argument is so ridiculous that even barbecued chickens laugh at them. How can it be? The big banks are guilty and yet they receive billions of Euros as aid from the state to avoid collapse. The bail-out money they have been receiving is the value that we the working people have generated and that they have stolen from us. They use the actual crisis to further strangle the working people and to cut down our rights and wages. This crisis is the result of the barbaric competition to exploit the people and to increase the profit. Unjust imperialistic wars in different parts of the world are made in the quest for increasing profit. Marionette regimes are installed to oppress and exploit the people even up to death for the profit of big capitalists. We, the refugees and migrants, majority of whom are working people, are victims and witnesses of these crimes. It is because of this fact among other reasons that they force us refugees here in imperialist centers in isolation lagers. They obstruct the communication ability and free movement of us refugees by the Residence Obligation Law (Residenzpflicht). They aim to break our will and preventing us from solidarizing among us and with the working people here. This is why Caravan cries out loud: "Freedom of movement is our right!"

The fact is that we, the working people, are paying the cost of their crises. We the working people suffer from unemployment, hunger and misery. By connecting the residence permit to work they force us to take any job. In such a way they press the wages toward the minimum. They, the capitalists, can do this mainly because we are always under the threat of deportation. For us deportation means misery, persecution, and even death. This is why the Caravan calls out: "Unite against deportation!"

In the occasion of the First of May, Caravan calls everybody, especially the working class to unite in the fight against capitalism and solidarize with the just struggles of the refugees from all over the world.

For a world without exploitation, colonization, imperialistic wars, racism, sexism and social exclusion.
Long live international solidarity

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