Ongoing need for people in Calais and support from outside (vom 01.08.2009),
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[01. Aug 2009]

Ongoing need for people in Calais and support from outside

The police repression against migrants in Calais is rising. Activists are there to watch the police and support the migrants as much as possible. A call for direct support.

28. July 2009 :: Ongoing need for people in Calais:

"We have a real lack of people from UK and France here this week and lots of work to do.Evictions are looming and we think the Erythreans may even be evicted tomorrow !!... Please spread the word and get people over here as soon as possible.
People in Calais need support."

For people going to Calais to show solidarity and want information:
call from UK 00 33 6 34 81 07 10
from France 06 34 81 07 10

As a :: report from Lesvos, Greece shows, people on the ground can make a real difference.

There is also advice about collecting stories and evidence of police activities rounding people up being a way to prevent illegal collecitve expulsions, see :: reports from activists on the ground in Calais, 23 - 30 July 2009, updates in ::

For people traveling to Calais, it is usefuls to take a bike/car/camera/camping equipment and something to cook on. Medical supplies, blankets, tarps/money etc always useful.
If you can't go but can donate money please contact via ::

Friday, 31st of July: More information was published there from activists on the ground in Calais:

We have been continuing with the patrols early morning and at night. We do not have news yet on the 2 migrants who were :: attacked yesterday. Generally everything seems quite calm. Today we saw a CRS (riot police) van with 6-7 Afghans but the police had not been to the 'jungle' so they must have picked them up elsewhere. The patrols are essential, but time consuming so we are also trying to find residents near the jungles who will help us monitor

We have been doing some basic first aid and taking maalox. If anyone is coming from England alcohol gel which doesn't require water is cheaper there so please bring some for us to distribute! Medecins du monde has called for all NGO's to work together to take action on scabies between 17-21 August. The operation will take place across Calais.
Treatment of scabies, Hygiene kit, Shower, Medical consultation, Clean clothes, 'Coverage' MDM and MSF will provide most of the materials and do lobbying.
People are trying to find out where the NGO's are meeting to get more info(we haven't been invited!) will send more info soon

- are the migrants being cleaned up ahead of being put on charter flights and deported?
- need to mobilize to make sure activist's in the area at this time even if deportations do not take place the migrants will be very vulnerable if their homes etc are being 'cleaned'
- how will it be organized?
- how will it be maintained?
(stopped from coming back if still no water?)

We really need one! People looking this afternoon at appartments. Funding is still an issue;

Please help with these if you can and email to confirm they are happening
- fundraising Needed desperately!
- design a window display/flag
We talked about making something really simple (using barbed wire to birds logo maybe) that local supporters could display in their windows (and could be given out or even sold at the market)
- leaflets and letters to residents
About Calais that can be given out at events in town and door to door (see :: leaflet in german/english for protests in Vienna)
- improve the business card for migrants
At the moment we have a card in English only with the emergency phone number on it 0650734104. We have been giving it out, so far not many people have been using it but trying to improve this. Would be good to have it in as many languages as possible, small business card size that just says 'in case of raids call 0650734104' and that we are from no borders/Calais migrant solidarity.
- UK arrivals leaflet
Being distributed in farsi and Arabic needs better translation into pashtun. Needs a contact number for people who make it to England to call. Please send a comment to this blog if you can help with any of this

Source ::, :: Indymedia UK Migration and NoBorder news