Migrants in the Venna detention centre revolt (vom 05.02.2010),
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[05. Feb 2010]

Migrants in the Venna detention centre revolt

The revolt in this prison for migrants shows the truth behind the greek government's migrant-friendly mask!

While tension is building up in Athens, due to the upcoming fascist demonstration at Propylea (main University of Athens building) this Saturday, migrants face repression and inhuman treatment at all levels. Needless to say that the government's new migration bill focuses on legal migrants and their children, who have no right to Greek citizenship or nationality and thus have no civil rights, although they might be born and have lived in the country all their life. The grey zone of "illegal" migration is swept under the rug, and no solution whatsoever has been given to the disgraceful welcome/hospitality/and all other euphemistic-adjective centres for migrants.

In the early hours of Tuesday, 2nd of February 2010 the approximately 130 detainees held in the Venna "detention centre" for migrants, in the prefecture of Rodopi (very close to the North-Eastern borders of the country) revolted. They protested against their continuous and illegal detention, plus the horrendous living conditions in their prison.
The revolters demand to be permitted to move to nearby Komotini or other cities, as many of them were kept there for three months without any reason.

The uprising went on the following day. They set fire and some injured themselves as a sign of protest. The prefect of Rodopi, the head of the local police and the fire brigade went on site. The media reported that approximately 30 were released. However, a post on indymedia reads that 43 migrants were taken yesterday to the prosecutor, facing charges of mutiny and public property damage. An open assembly has been called for today in Komotini, in order to take action.

Source ::, 05. Feb 2010 and :: TVXS independent news.