Solidarity with the FC 'Sans Papiers' (vom 02.05.2010),
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[02. May 2010]

Solidarity with the FC 'Sans Papiers'

Send a letter to the Austrian president Heinz Fischer

Most of you heard about what happened to Sans Papier Football Club in
Vienna. Deportations to Nigeria are supposed to be wednesday May 5th: 2 from the team and 20 other people.
Please sign the letter below and send to the Austrian president (german or english):

heinz.fischer (at)

and please forward it to your lists, friends etc.
thanks for support

Dear Mr. President, Dr. Heinz Fischer,

the last victory of the Viennese soccer club FC Sans Papiers was
dedicated to your re-election as the president of the republic of
Austria. Only a week later, a police operation was undertaken during the soccer training, where the players were searched, arrested and the
trainer, Cletus Ugonna Boniface, and the player Eze Vincent were
imprisoned for deportation.

The same day, more then a hundred people tried to hinder the deportation in a most couragious action of civil disobedience.

After 8 year of existence, it can be stated without any doubt, that FC
Sans Papiers is an absolutely successful project of participation of
asylum seekers within this society.

The Austrian asylum law makes it very difficult for Sans Papiers to
participate in society and to secure their own existence. The current
asylum policies in this country endanger the success of the FC Sans
Papiers! During the last months, several players from the team have been deported.

The imprisonment of Vincent and Cletus trigger popular outrage not only in Austria, but across the borders.

Fair play, Mr. President! Stop the deportation of the two players and
make possible the continuity of the FC Sans Papiers with all their players.

I count on your commitment!