Let's make the 1st of march a historic day (vom 23.02.2011),
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[23. Feb 2011]

Let's make the 1st of march a historic day

Manifest for 1st of March by "La journée sans immigrés" in France: "Day without immigrants".

We, women and men, of all beliefs, of all political positions, and of all skin colours, immigrants, immigrants' descendants, citizens, conscious of the important contribution of immigration to our country, have enough of unworthy remarks made by certain political officials aiming at stigmatizing or criminalizing immigrants and their descendants.

Let us recall that an immigrant is perceived as he is by the others even beyond his own origins. We would like to re-adapt and to rehabilitate this term which is used in a derogatory way because of the political instrumentalisation.

We refuse the (conveyed) stereotypes which threaten our social cohesion. We refuse that the past, present and future' benefits of immigrants who built and continue to build France are denied. So it depends on us to emphasize the importance of immigrants in this country!

Immigrants and descendants of immigrants held several demonstrations to defend their rights. But they were scornfully rejected! So as it is agreed that "consumption is the engine of growth", indignation stirs us to action!!!

The 1st of March 2005 was the day the "code of foreigners' entry and stay and right to asylum" came into effect. This law symbolizes a utilitarian conception of immigration, in other words, an immigration based on economic requirements. We couldn't have picked a better day to call for "a Day without immigrants". We, immigrants, immigrants' descendants, citizens are aware of the contribution of immigration to our country", we all generate economic growth of this country.

Our citizen's approach assesses the potential contribution of each one of us to the economic prosperity. We have the Power to decide on our future, to take action and have our say on it!

March the 1st: we will abstain from consumer spending and/or working.

During 24 hours, so let us abstain from working in companies, associations, attending colleges, hospitals, buying, selling... For the first time in France, we decide not to take part in the life of "la Cité".

We will mark our presence by our absence!

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