Anti-Frontex Days - May 2011 - Warsaw (vom 07.05.2011),
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[07. May 2011]

Anti-Frontex Days - May 2011 - Warsaw

Stand up against EU Apartheid. Join the Week Against Deportations. 15. - 23. May 2011, Warsaw (Poland). Join the debates, watch the movies, take the streets!

1. Join the debates (19.05-21.05)

Discourses and practices of migrant-management, "selective inclusion", "illegal workers", practices of modern slavery Fortress Europe in the light of revolutions in the Arab World Resistance strategies and alternatives to the policy of European Apartheid Calais, Rosarno, Patras, Lampedusa, Ceuta, Mellila - cities of exclusion, cities of resistance Frontex: constituting European Apartheid. Practices and competences of the institution Twin institutions: USA and the Great Mexican Wall

(Want to take active part in any of the panels? Write us to sign up and give your presentation: anti_frontex (at); submissions until 12.05)

2. Watch movies (16.05-21.05)

From the internationally acclaimed titles,
- Welcome (France 2009)
- Hotel Sahara (Germany 2008)
- Welcome to Tijuana (Mexico, Germany 2009)
- Calais, the Last Border (UK 2003), etc.

to fresh, local activist documentaries analyzing the resistance from below

3. Take the streets, shut down FRONTEX! (22.05-23.05)

Concert: Irie Revoltes, plus local immigrant bands (details of other street projects will be provided already in Warsaw)

Why Poland?

1. The headquarters of the main EU deportation agency - FRONTEX - is located in the Polish capital, Warsaw. As a consequence, while collective deportations become more and more common, Poland started to serve as a "collection point" for migrants hunted and caught all over EU. Utilizing it's ever-expanding budget, last autumn, FRONTEX in Warsaw carried out its first group deportation with its own chartered plane: 56 Georgian immigrants were arrested in Austria, Germany, France and Poland, rounded up in Warsaw and deported to Tbilisi. FRONTEX is planning to organize up to 40 such collective deportations from Warsaw in year 2011. (see ::

2. Polish companies and universities strictly cooperate with FRONTEX in developing new border technology. Warsaw Polytechnic University and several private corporations, in a joint project with other EU countries and Israeli Aerospace Industries, have been working on implementing the so-called TALOS intelligent control system which would replace Border Guards with drones, thus further dehumanizing the strategies of anti-imigration policy. ::

3. Polish right-wing government already declared it will use its EU Presidency starting July 2011 to strengthen the border regime by widening the competence of FRONTEX.

4. Last year on May 23rd, celebrations of the fifth FRONTEX anniversary in Warsaw were marked by the brutal police killing of a Nigerian Immigrant, during a routine control of shoe and clothing dealers in a local bazaar. Amid all the evidence for his unconditioned, racist brutality, the aggressor until now has not been brought to justice.

Week schedule:

16.05 MOVIES
17.05 MOVIES
18.05 MOVIES
22.05 A C T I O N
23.05 A C T I O N

Full progamme and details about the collectives engaged in organizing the project ::