Parachinar, turns to a valley of death (vom 16.01.2013),
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[16. Jan 2013]

Parachinar, turns to a valley of death

This is a call to humanity, today I will write with the voice of my heart. I already told about all my problems when I gave the interview for the asylum but there was nobody to hear because I got two times negative.

Today when you search Google & Youtube you will see and read all about the situation which we face in Pakistan, but now also hear from my heart.

Parachinar is situated in the north-west of Pakistan near the Afghan border. Parachinar once was known as "Parrot Beak" but from 2007 till now this area is a ground of blood. In Parachinar Shia muslims are threatened for many years. And the Government of Pakistan did not give any attention. Because at the Afghan side there is NATO and from Pakistan side there is Al Quaida, Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahaba and other jihadi organizations. The road from Parachinar to Peshawar had been already closed for Shia Muslim since 2007 till now. Sometimes the Army makes a convoy for passengers to travel on this road. But Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and other jihadi organizations still fire with launcher and other weapons at the convoy. By this we lost so many young people, women and children. These terrorist organizations also kidnapped a lot of Shias, demanding a huge amount. When they don't get the money they cut the hands, the legs, and finally the head of the body with electric machine. This is such a cruel situation you can also see this pictures on the internet.

The Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba and also some other organisations want to pass the road to Afghanistan to fight against Nato and innocent people of Afghanistan. But Shia in Kurram Agencie did not agree with this demands and don't give them the permission to use this road. We want only peace because when we give the permission the Nato will also fight us.

And also when Ambulance is going from Parachinar to Peshawar, these terrorist groups attacked the Ambulance and killed all the people in it. Sometimes the government of Pakistan makes a peace agreement in Parachinar. Then after one month peace these terrorists make a bomb blast and target killing (1), so I mean there is no peace in this area.

Beside the killings here is also insufficient medical supplies and a lack of the other necessities of life. The communication system is also very bad in this area. The people also didn't cultivate the land because these terrorist organizations blocked the water in the river. This are the circumstances in Parachinar. It is like this area is cut off from Pakistan.

Besides this in Pakistan Shia sects have so many Problems. Every day more than 10 people of Shia are murdered by target killings. And when we are travelling in Pakistan, often some unknown people stop the bus and ask the sect and also the identification. When they found that this person is Shia then they will kill the person. Then they make a video from this and send it back with the dead body and say we will kill all Shias when we find them. Nowadays this is a routine for the Shia sects living in Parachinar, D.I. Khan, Gilgit, Baltistan and Quetta and other cities of Pakistan.

On 30th December 2012, 30 Shia muslims lost their lives in a bus bomb blast near Mustorung Quetta. And today 10th January (2) at least 95 Shia muslims lost their lifes at the Quetta explosion and 22 lifes were lost in SWAT valley. In this explosion more than 200 person got injured. And on 9th of January: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Leader from Kurram agency Dr. Riaz Hussain was killed in Peshawar Pakistan. And I have never seen such a horrifying situation in my life. And the situation is getting worse and worse.

So we are also human beings, we also want to live in this world. What's our fault. Why people kill us? So please help us we also want peace, justice, humanity, solidarity and a happy life. There are so many sects, religious groups and humans in this world. We are also a part of this. We are innocent people. So in the name of God please help us.

Turi A. H., Kurram Agency, Parachinar, Pakistan

Vienna, January 11, 2013

1) targeted killing: