Refugee Protests Den Haag & Amsterdam (vom 13.02.2013),
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[13. Feb 2013]

Refugee Protests Den Haag & Amsterdam

International day of Action: Residency rights for everyone! Saturday February 16th has been proclaimed International Refugee Action Day. In Germany, Austria, Finland, Poland, Hungary, and Australia refugees are taking action against the inhumane immigration policies in the countries in which they are staying.

We, the rejected asylum seekers in the Netherlands who have been protesting for more than a year for our human rights will take to the streets. We cannot return to our homeland, yet we are also denied our human rights here in the Netherlands.

We, the refugees who are now staying in het Vluchthuis (Refugee House) in Den Haag and de Vluchtkerk (Refugee Church) in Amsterdam are calling on everyone to support us in our struggle for a normal life.

The right to shelter, the right to a dignified existence and the right to good healthcare: these rights should apply to every human being, but not yet for us. We want to lead a normal life and participate in society through work and study, but the Dutch state has made this impossible for us.

We want a humane solution for all refugees! We are deported refugees who can't go back to the land that we come from. We can't be sent away, but also receive no residence permit. Because of this, we live without basic human rights, to which everyone is entitled.

We are not only fighting for the people in our situation, but for all of the refugees, who instead of being cared for are put away in asylum seekers' centers, detention centers or are left to fend for themselves on the street without healthcare, shelter, nor the prospect of a decent existence. A country such as the Netherlands should care for people who leave their homeland in order to make a normal life for themselves. This is everyone's right! People do not flee without reason!

No Human Being is Illegal!

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