Visitors in Nyírbátor detention center about the worse conditions (vom 20.08.2013),
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[20. Aug 2013]

Visitors in Nyírbátor detention center about the worse conditions

On 9th of August 2013 refugees at Nyírbátor detention center in the north east of Hungary started a hunger strike. One week after they stopped because of the pressure of the authorities. Now people visited some of the hunger strikers and they told about the worse conditions behind bars.

Following we document a short report of one of the visitors:

We visit one person last weekend and also could talk to a few other arrested. They stop the strike one week ago, because they were forced with arguments like the enlargment of their arrest for much more month and the deportation to Serbia - they are all really frightened - so they stop.

30 of the strikers already were brought to an other even worse prison or deported to Serbia, the other 30 still are in Nyirbator. The conditions are still the same, they get very bad food and water, not enough soap to wash, not have the possibility of doing any sports or movements, and no medical aid. There is a doktor, but he is giving the same pharmaceutica to every illness and do not give any information what medicine that is (there just was a skandal in another immigration jail, because they give them sedativa and tell this is against their medical problems).

I try to bring some medicine, vitamines and herbs for a friend, who suffers from strong diarroe, allready have yellow eyes and just 60 kg now, but they say this is not allowed - only the doktor is allowed to give medical aid. I ask witch medicine, but they tell its not my concern because I am not a medical....

They don't give the arrested any information about their status, their possibilities or how long they have to stay and what is after. At least in the worst case - as people from the Helsinki Comitee told us, they can arrest them 18 month as a whole, then they set them on the street.

There was a big interest of other arrested to talk with us, and we visit 3 other people too and talk with furthermore through the windows (standing on the public street in front of the prison) - what causes problems with the police there. We are afraid, that this also have some negativ consequences for the arrested - especially for one friend who said at the end through the window, that the sozialworker just after this start to give him troubles.

In this short talks we find out, that they also arrested some teenagers of 16 years there (Helsinki Comitee will care about) and an older men with stong heart-problems whom they deny medical help.