January 7th 2015: 10th anniversary of Oury Jalloh's death (vom 02.01.2015),
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[02. Jan 2015]

January 7th 2015: 10th anniversary of Oury Jalloh's death

The horrible death of Oury Jalloh has its 10th anniversary on january 7th 2015. The Voice Refugee Forum Germany calls for decentralised actions in memoriam of Oury Jalloh.

Press release of :: The Voice Refugee Forum Germany from January 2nd 2015


Demonstration in Dessau on January 2nd 2015: 2pm at the Trainstation

Oury Jalloh was beastly and collectively assassinated on January 7th 2005 by police officers in Dessau-Roßlau.

10 years of impunity after the German police murdered our brother:
:: Youtube Video: The lighter Flame

Decentralized Info Campaign in Hamburg and Jena:
5. January 2015: Decentralized Info Campaign for OURY JALLOH in JENA am Holzmarkt:

5th January - decentral mobilisation day in Hamburg - Oury Jalloh, it was murder!:


Oury Jalloh was beastly and collectively assassinated on January 7th 2005 by police officers in Dessau-Roßlau. Oury Jalloh was chained to a fireproof matrass in detention cell Nr. 5 in the cellars of Dessau Police Station after unlawful arrest and brutal assaults. After he fell unconscious several liters of combustive liquid were poured over his body and he was burnt alive. On September 4th 2014 the Federal Supreme of Germany issued its dubious blessings to the crime by finalizing decision as to lock up the chains of complicity in the murder, cover up and impunity.

How the cover up of this murder was introduced in the "investigations" right from the beginning:

No specialized fire investigator was called in for the investigation at the crime scene in cell Nr. 5 although a human life was extinguished in a sea of flames. This directly led to unprofessional, incomplete and misleading conduct of these investigations. Remains of debris were only saved by manipulative selection and soot depositions at the walls were totally ignored from seizure. Compulsory video documentation of the crime scene investigations was set out of recording after a short initial sequence of survey after only 4 min time for unaccountable reasons as well as photo documentation routine of the various steps of saving the pieces of evidence from the scene was left undone with no valid explanation. Evidence left behind (like a handcuff or rests of cloth) were disposed of the cell by the janitor despite official sealing for ongoing investigation many more evidence got "lost" between the authorities involved or had been deleted from the digital records.

For these reasons we do not only feel grief about the loss of our brother Oury Jalloh and anger against the racist and brutal murders but also bewildered outrage about the nasty conspiracy between police, attorneys, judges and politicians. All these evident manipulations, cover ups and perversions of justice throughout all authorities involved must be seen as an incredible mockery in the face of the bereaved family and friends of Oury Jalloh. Oury's mother, Mrs. Mariama Djombo Diallo passed away on July 23rd in 2012 without her right to truth and justice about the circumstances of the violent death of her son being delivered to her by the German "State of Law" - she just wasn't able to survive this hypocrite perfidy and shamelessness of the German authorities any longer ...

The Public Prosecutor's Office of Dessau immediately constructed the deceptive hypothesis that Oury Jalloh should have set the fire to the fire proof matrass only by himself, despite the need of several unrealistic and unverifiable conjectures to it. Further proceedings were compulsory confined to this one and only scenario for investigation as to strictly and continuously avoid an open and unbiased chain of custody.

Without the organized resistance of friends and human rights activists and their fight for resolution and justice right from the beginning the legal proceedings would have been stopped by this very prosecution office of Dessau straight away. The senior prosecutor in charge of the case Mr. Preissner of Dessau is even today still refusing to imagine any hint for the fact that other people had to be involved in the dead of Oury Jalloh. Yet after the presentation of a donation based expertise into the reasons and results of the fire in cell Nr. 5 that concluded on the indispensable use of combustive agents (see :: Video), the Federal Attorney's Office denied its jurisdiction towards the consecutive charge of the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh for murder by hands of German police officers - he referred the case back to the hushing up office in Dessau, to the same reluctant prosecutor.

After more than 9 1/2 years without accountable resolution in German courts into how the fire could possibly break out and destroy Oury Jallohs body beyond recognizability in only 20-25 minutes of time, the judges of the Federal Supreme Court of Germany dropped the trial against the police officer in charge of the murderous day into the waste bin of the so called German State of Law. These "honorable" judges even went as far as to formally accept the unlawful exclusion of a judge from the legal decision about the ongoing detention of Oury Jalloh in order to consequently guaranty impunity for reasons of state to the executing officers involved in the crime.

Our public mourning and resistive fury shall counter pose this murderous mentality of colonial barbarism and terror with impunity and we will consistently :: continue to combat for truth, justice and restitution.

Inform yourselves about mobilization actions in your local region and join us on January 7th 2015 in Dessau ( - current information in
right-sided blog roll).

Take part in the decentralized German wide Info Action on January 5th 2015 for public awareness, create new banners and send in your solidarity photos: (

Inform your friends and fellows about the cause and support raising funds for further independent investigation:

Support and solidarize with the activists of the Initiative in front of the ongoing repressive court of Dessau:

Tribute in Memory of Oury Jalloh back from 2009 - Mbolo Yufanyi:

Touch One - Touch All

Oury Jalloh is just one of scores of killings in the name of systematic state terror.

Germany is the world's No. 3 weapons manufacturer after US and Russia. Germany is actively involved in international warfare in Africa and the Middle East. Germany is prime promoter of the EU-isolation policies though FRONTEX-militarization of external borders. Germany is proper initiator of persecution of refugees within Europe through the DUBLIN deportation system. Germany is executing a deadly culture against refugees by means of isolation camps, arbitrary exclusion from basic social and medical needs, refusal of legal residence (Duldung) and permanent threat of deportation. Right now Germany is on the way of upscaling this regime of terror by expanding the possible reasons for arrest of refugees and illegalized people extensively ...

The execution of racist laws by arbitrary authorities ("aliens" registration offices) and systematic criminalization and prosecution by German police create a climate of existential fear amongst refugees. This fear is growing even more viable as one has to realize that deadly police attacks as well as denial of indispensable assistance by responsible authorities and services are habitually exempted from prosecution and conviction respectively.

Laye Alama Conde, Dominique Kouamadio, Ndeye Maryama Sarr, Halim Dener, Aamir Ageeb, Zdravko Nikolov Dimitrov, Ousman Sey, Christy Omordion Schwundeck and many, many others are more than painful testaments for systematical provision of impunity – killings of refugees or migrants have never been charged as notable crimes in those cases when officers of state were directly involved.

There is a broadly accepted consent within the German society as to renounce responsibility for the continuities of racially-motivated crimes of state authorities under inverse referral to so called "values" of Christian Western civilization. Racist attitudes and colonial mentalities are in fact and until today not prosecutable but legalized practice of "law", which is openly executed against human beings labeled "undesirable aliens", thus depriving them off their basic human rights, self-determination and dignity. Current German alien act, social welfare law for asylum seekers, administrative and criminal jurisdiction have developed from a deeply enrooted mentality of racial, cultural and economic superiority. Arbitrary execution of law and consecutive fatal consequences are continually reproduced by German authorities under consensual concealment provided by public prosecution and German courts. Fatal responsibilities and necessary consequences are regularly prevented from effective enforcement of justice:

- Colonial wars with genocides, extermination orders, enslavements, concentration camps and tortures in German colonial territories (e.g. against Herero and Nama in what is today Namibia) are till now neither acknowledged nor compensated for

- all German Nazi genocides and crimes have been "legalized" by the Nuremberg racist laws and other repressive legislation - legal accounting of most Nazi perpetrators was systematically obstructed from prosecution - the genocide against Roma people was only acknowledged after 40 years of legal and political fights against crude statements of the facts that prevented critical appraisal and compensation of most of the victims not only in a timely manner, but once and for all

- unconstitutionally discriminating German asylum laws are still today violating human rights of refugees humiliating their dignity in the name of the same old racist consent - racial profiling is still empowering German police forces to criminalize and repress humans who physically appear Non-German to them - fatal incidents that occur either through arbitrary denial of assistance by authorities or gunshot or other violent force through the police are routinely suspended from criminal prosecution by all means

Oury's life was destroyed during the civil war in Sierra-Leone -
His hope died as an asylum seeker in Germany -
in Dessau he was burnt alive by the hands of German police officers.

O U R Y J A L L O H -- T H I S W A S M U R D E R ! ! !

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