Short report on the Convoy Budapest-Vienna (vom 07.09.2015),
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[07. Sep 2015]

Short report on the Convoy Budapest-Vienna

The "Convoy Budapest Vienna - Rail replacement Operation for Refugees" from sunday, 6th of September 2015, was a full success. The facebook-event got hacked and/or deleted, find here a short report about yesterdays actions.

The convoy Event "Konvoi Budapest-Wien - Schienenersatzverkehr für Flüchtlinge" got hacked and/or deleted. Find here a short report about yesterdays actions

170 participating cars, many more than 300 refugees who could travel safely to Vienna. These are the results from "Convoy Budapest-Vienna - Rail replacement Operation for Refugees" expressed in dry numbers.

What cannot be expressed in numbers is what happened on Sunday before the eyes of the world. Cars and Minibusses with almost all European license plates could be seen. International Media like Aljazeera, CNN and BBC as well as Hungarian, Czech, German, French, Swedish, Irish, Italian TV and radio stations reported about our convoy on a regular basis. In addition to this direct help-action the convoy also was an act of protest of civil society against EU-migration-policies in general and against Dublin III in particular.

The Viennese police escorted our convoy peacefully until the borders of the city. The Hungarian police was almost invisible on the entire route. Neither our 'protest-car-horn-concert' in Hegyeshalom, nor at other stops as well while our re-entering to Austria any of the convoy participants got prosecuted. We demand to keep up this practice! Let September 6, 2015 be a model of democratic police actions.

The first refugees could be picked up in Györ and brought to Vienna. After Györ we split the convoy. Some of us went to the refugee camp Vamosabaty, some others to Röszke, he Hungarian-Serbian border and most of us went to Budapest Keleti-Station. Also, we could perceive the solidarity of Hungarian civil society who has also actively supported the refugees, such as a Hungarian NGO that has scouted for the convoy. The Orbán resistance is loud and energetic.

At 00:30 one of the last groups arrived safely at the Westbahnhof in Vienna. Since sleeping quarters at Westbahnhof were full, many supporters have offered their beds. For many transit guests, a train was provided. We feel great relief and immense joy. For those who were part of todays actions will probably never forget. A day of solidarity, a day of limitlessness, a day that has to be repeated tomorrow and the day after that!

Many, many thanks to all of you who drove with us. Together we felt strong and secure because we were many.

We are all Erzsébet Szabó, not only today!

Thank you so much!