Updates from the borders, 20./22. Sep 2015 (vom 22.09.2015),
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[22. Sep 2015]

Updates from the borders, 20./22. Sep 2015

Upadte from the migration routes and border crossings threw Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

Serbia / Croatia / Hungary / Austria - Update Tuesday, 22. Sep 2015, 10:30

Coratia/Serbia - Tovarnik/Sid, most urgent place!

Your help is needed at Sid at Serbian side of border near Tovarnik. Nothing changed since yesterday, it seems that almost no buses from Croatian side are transporting refugees further.

Thousands of people got stuck from Serbian side, 6 km from village of Sid, just near the border in the cornfields, which turned garbage fields, with no facilities at all (only a few toilet booths). Refugees are coming, and several thousand of them are waiting to be taken away.

Even Croatian police officer does not have any useful information if and when some busses will come because apparently all Croatian capacities are full.

Volunteers are in need of everything here food, water, warm clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, tents. There are only three doctors at the moment.

And money, but only in cash, there is not ATM near - if you are on the way, bring cash and report upon arrival that you have funds available to purchasing food and water.

Night was cold, under 10C, and if situation won't change until Thursday when rain is expected, that could be really dangerous.

There is no address to delivery aid at this moment. It's in the middle of nowhere.

Contacts here - but call only when approaching the site, they are extremely busy. Or better just text with your estimated time of arrival and what you bring.

+420 720 552 888 Jan (CZ)
+420 734 567 142 Jakub (CZ)
+49 176 723 181 23 Sharon (EN)

Some NGOs are on site, including Red Cross and MSF, but coordination is reported to be bad, especially Red Cross.

The site should be accessible on foot from both sides and it will be useful to split efforts from both sides, but directly with car you can access site only from Serbia (and it takes 90 minutes to drive from one side to another).

Avoid Serbia when traveling with larger supplies of food, medicines and used clothes, as custom officers tend to insist on some papers. Horgos border crossing between Szeged and Subotica opened again.

MEDIA HELP: there are almost NO MEDIA present in Sid - if you have any contacts in (particularly western, but also Croatian and Serbian) media, please let them know about the Sid crisis. Apparently media pressure helped in Tovarnik few days ago.

SERBIAN AUTHORITIES: if you have any contacts there, please urge authorities to stop with useless hassle at the borders with delivering the help. If Serbian government is unable to provide help, please let others to do that and get rid of bureaucratic practices of requiring papers on humanitarian supplies of food and other stuff.

- Other places at Serbian/Croatian border:

Refugees has been seen at Bapska, cca 10 km from Sid, walking across the cornfields to Croatia and then on foot 15 km away to Opatovac refugee camp. If you are nearby, please report the situation there.

Hungary / Austria

- Hegyeshalom/Nickelsdorf - general info for all Austrian sites could be found at this FB group:

Hungary - Budapest

- Local volunteers would use your help at Berkocis utc. 41, they start at 11:00 making food packages for Hegyeshalom. If in Budapest, come to help.


- When travelling to help, don't forget headlight, reflexion vest, protective gloves, good shoes and warm clothes, as nights are cold. Note you are responsible for your own safety!

Croatia / Hungary / Austria / Slovenia / Serbia - Update Sunday, 20. Sep 2015, 23:00

All volunteers are asked to go to "standby mode”, as we have no reports of help being need at the moment. Many volunteers are still on the field providing help, but new people are being asked to wait for notice before they take on a long journey to Croatia, Hungary, Serbia or Slovenia. For now.

Serbia / Croatia

- Tovarnik - many refugees have been moved to a newly built state-run camp 12 km away at Opatovac with the capacity of 4000 people. Tovarnik town is empty now, but at Tovarnik train station there are still hundreds of refugees, waiting for the last train to move them further. Let's hope this train will come soon. There are enough volunteers here who take care of them until the last one leaves. Your help is not needed anymore.

Slovenia / Croatia

- Harmica & Bregana - refugees are treated very well by locals and volunteers. Still waiting to be bussed further, it is slow, but your help is not needed anymore. Refugees thank Harmica for the aid the local community provided them in past hours and days.

Austria / Hungary

- Hegyeshalom / Nickelsdorf - refugees arriving on trains are being transported further to Austria. Weel equipped facilites are on the Austrian side, so the only problem is to let refugees know that they could cross the border freely and there they will find all kinds of aid. There are some misunderstanding on the Hungarian side which sometimes makes confusion and queues. Follow the news in the morning about the situation and be ready to provide help when needed.

- Szentgotthárd / Heiligenkreuz - not many refugees here, situation under control.

Hungary / Croatia

- Baranjsko Petrovo Selo / Beremend - refugees arriving from Croatia and change to Hungarian buses. Hungary is finishing fence from Serbian border to Beremend.

- Botovo - still used for trains arriving from Croatia and then refugees are moved to Hungarian buses, some refugees decided to walk.

Serbia / Hungary

- Horgos - highway border crossing open again, refugees who would like to claim for asylum in Hungary can do it at Horgos 2 at transit center.


As it may seem that the situation is calm for a while when state authorities took over the main burden of efforts of refugee aid in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria, the whole refugee crisis is far from solved. Thousands of refugees cross the sea to Greece every day, thousands enter Macedonia and Serbia every day.

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