Updates from the borders, 23. Sept 2015 (vom 24.09.2015),
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[24. Sep 2015]

Updates from the borders, 23. Sept 2015

Upadte from the border crossings between Serbia and Croatia and call for supporters to come - and be prepared.

Serbia / Croatia - Update Wednesday, 23. Sep 2015, 19:00

- Your help is still needed at Croatian/Serbian border at Bapske, near Sid. This is the crossing point for refugees at this moment. - They are being transported here from the south of Serbia and has to wait until Croatian side takes them with the buses further - to transit camp in Opatovac (15 km), or with trains and buses to Hungarian border.

- Transport with buses on Croatian side are present, but things go slow and now 1000-2000 of refugees are waiting on Croatian side of the border while other still coming. They will most probably spend night here.

- There are aid organizations (UNHCR, Red Cross and others) at the crossing, but your help will be needed on site. Many of volunteers plan to leave on Thursday, but this is unconfirmed.

- Food, water, tents, blankets and sleeping bags are needed to help refugees overnight. Raincoats in case the forecast fulfill tomorrow.

- Approach the site via Sid on Serbian side, but be prepared that road traffic could be closed.

- Entrance of the camp in Opatovac is served by several aid organizations and volunteers and situation is calm there. Some small problems occurred during the days, but now everything seems OK.

Other news:

- There is still possibility to get supplies in Szeged at MigSzol warehouse at Gárdonyi utca 6. So if you are on the way via Hungary, you can go and pick up what will be needed. MigSzol unfortunately does not have any cars to drive the supplies down to Serbia/Croatia. Always contact coordinator before approaching Szeged: Szalai Balázs +36 20 229 6669 or Szőke - Tóth Ágnes +36 304 27 34 60.

- There is also a warehouse in Subotica where some small amount of donations could be put in case you need to deliver it around the area or could be used for additional flexibility. +420 774 865 251 (Jakub) is the contact person there.

- Generally, Croatia is taking migrants to the border with Hungary, which then takes them by train and bus to the Austrian border, from where they continue their journey west.

- Hungary started to build fence in the area of Gola, near Botovo border crossing. Media reports said on Wednesday that Orban has mobilized soldiers and prison laborers to build a vast new barrier along its border with Croatia and maybe Romania.

- More than 44 000 refugees entered Croatia so far.

- Border crossing Bajakovo on Highway has been fully open again, column of trucks spans 15 km.

- Rain is expected for Thursday.

- When traveling to help, always take headlight, reflexion vest, good shoes, protective gloves and warm clothes. And be careful!

- And, as you may know, there are many volunteers from the Czech Republic helping refugees around the Europe.

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