Update from the borders, 1st of October 2015, 13:00 (vom 02.10.2015),
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[02. Oct 2015]

Update from the borders, 1st of October 2015, 13:00

Croatia / Serbia / Hungary / Macedonia: The repression against volunteers is increasing, refugees still arriving in europe and travelling threw the balcans, but they are forced more and more to be registered on several places. EU starts big operations against so called "smugglers".

Croatia / Serbia border

- Serbian police forced all volunteers to stop providing help in full scale. At this moment refugees still goes through Bapska, but German field kitchen left and also Czech team has been forced to leave, and now provide only limited help and reorganizes supplies. It's NOT RECOMMENDED to travel there until the bureaucratic shit with Serbian authorities is resolved. Volunteers are trying to get registration, but not done yet. Czech NGO Clovek v tisni, which does have registration, is about to be deployed there, but they will start on Monday.

- Opatovac transit camp and its surrounding are almost empty and no need to help there. There are some volunteers helping on croatian side of border, but situation not confirmed, please let us know if you have more details.

- Help in the Bapska area is coordinated by Matous and Vojta, his number: +420 775 992 035

- Bajakovo, Tovarnik, Batina and Ilok border crossings are now open for transit, so it may be possible to cross border via Ilok/Backa Palanka border crossing.


- MigrationAid needs volunteers for MAGYARBOLY / BEREMEND:

VOLUNTEERS WANTED, especially who can be located there at least 2-3 days in a row at one of our crisis centers, contact

Crisis centre of Beremend - Magyarboly
* 1 - 2 October (evening to evening)
* 2 - 4 October (evening to evening)
* 4 - 7 October (evening to evening)

Transport of volunteers from Budapest is available. The volunteers are responsible to take care of the refugees, which includes preparation of sandwiches, keeping the site clean and distribution of donations…
We are looking for 10 volunteers who would work in groups of 5 in two shifts of 12 hours. (8am-8pm, 8pm-8am)

Please follow our donation lists - :: and :: so we can continuously maintain our stocks.

Contact: Siewert András, Tel: +36 30 895 1917, operation (at), ::

- ZAKANY - still hundreds of refugees crossing this place when boarding hungarian trains. At Wednesday there were enough volunteers, but they accept donations. Refugees at Zakany urgently need apples, sliced bread, packed cheese, small juices, baby stuff (pampers etc), plastic bags, milk for children. Zakany volunteers set up a twitter account to inform what is needed there ::

Serbian-Macedonian border

PRESEVO - The situation is still problematic in Preshevo. On Wednesday, large operation by Europol armet do smugglers has been started, and all refugees needs to be registered, which makes everything slower here and refugees waits for long hours.

- Food/water is provided mostly by local NGOs and volunteers. Volunteers needed, please bring cash so you can buy supplies which are the most needed, contact Agon from the Youth Office when you come close: Tel. +381 628 54 94 69.

- How to help there? Take international flights to Skopje, bus, taxi or rented cars to Preshevo. There is a need at the moment for raincoats (adults and children) and warm blankets. Also needed warm jackets and rainproof shoes/boots, warm socks and caps, especially for babies and children.

- For transports to Serbia see advice provided on this page, travel with small trucks and take crowded borders. For official transports contact Xhelal Hasani from the Center of Solidarity and Advancement Tel. +381 633 74 034, xhelal_hasani (at)

Other news

- Police department in Burgenland (Eastern Austria) has opened a 24hr hotline. Family members who are looking for their relatives can call: +43 591 331 033 33.

- I case there is no evening update, morning update is still valid. We are trying to follow all major changes in situation so in case nothing important happens, you can follow instructions in morning updates. We would be happy to hear any changes or updates during the day via email or FB.

- When traveling to help, always take headlight, reflexion vest (!!!it's really important, we have noted some problems identifying volunteers in recent days!!!), good shoes, protective gloves and warm clothes and be prepared for rain. And always try to contact anyone in charge of coordination on site and obey his instructions. And be careful!

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