Info from the German-Austrian Border Crossings (vom 04.11.2015),
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[04. Nov 2015]

Info from the German-Austrian Border Crossings

This the the first info from the camps around Passau and the three border-crossings that are still open.

The proceedings here are now coordinated: there are just three border-crossings available for migrants: Wegscheid, Neuhaus am Inn and Simbach. The busses from Austria leave all migrants there (approximately 50 people per hour)

Achleiten: The Austrian red cross is on site and food, blankets, toilets and some clothes can be provided. But in the waiting areas in front of the busses that take migrants into Passau (the next city) people sometimes have to wait a couple of hours without warm drinks and such.

Neuhaus am Inn: Migrants don´t have to walk over the border crossing here anymore. Busses pick them up on the Austrian side and bring them into the camp in Neuhaus. Here migrants have to usually wait a couple of hours for busses to pick them up and bring them to the next town. The busses come every hour. But voluntary support is good: in a big tent warm food and drinks and clothes are provided for everyone.

Simbach: The site of volunteers to help arriving refugees was taken down on November 1st and from now on the German military will conduct all help here. Food and drinks will still be provided.


Passau is the first German town after the Austrian border. From most border crossings migrants are brought to Passa, but only a few get registered. If a person gets registered they are brought to Deggendorf to apply for asylum. All other migrants without registration will be driven (in busses) to other towns all over Germany after one or two days.

It does not make sense to buy train tickets that go further than Passau – the police empties out almost all trains that arrive in Passau. If they don´t it is still possible to buy a train ticket to other German town or cities in other countries in the train station in Passau.

Two camps in Passau

The "Dekrahallen" have room for about 1600 people, but often there are a lot more people. In all three halls wam drinks, food and clothes are always available.

The "Dreiländerhalle" is only opened for migrants if all other halls are overcrowded. It can host around 1000 people. Sometimes there are no beds available but after some days after it is opened there are beds.

In both camps hot tea, water, sandwiches, juices and fruits are always available.

The camps in Passau are not generally open. There are outside / smoking areas but the camp cannot simply be left (with little exceptions or when the police is unaware).

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