Idomeni: A Statement (vom 14.04.2016),
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[14. Apr 2016]

Idomeni: A Statement

We are an informal network of individuals in Idomeni working together in solidarity with people seeking refuge in the EU. We are not controlled by any governmental or non-governmental organisation and are not getting paid for what we are doing here. In our daily work we are strongly connected to the local communities and enjoy support from the villages around Idomeni.

We want to speak out today in response to media and govermental accusations claiming 'activists controlling refugee protests'. This perspective is in our point of view paternalistic and racist. The people protesting are aware of the situation and make decisions on their own. People deciding to protest is not a sign of their naivity or of control by 'no-border-activists', but of their desperation. We want to stress that independents are the only ones who provide the people with accurate up to date information. We express in all personal talks that we do not think the borders will be reopened.

We support these self-organized political protests. Support does not mean that we are initiating these actions. Support means, for us, that we continue to provide basic needs, and by sometimes joining the protest as individuals in solidarity with our friends.

We want to express our solidarity with all those who are struggling for the freedom of movement and strongly recommend to also read the statements of :: NBK Lesbos and :: The Independent Information Group.

Statement published first on 12. Apr 2016 in [ulrext][/urlext].