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Sunday 20 th January national demonstration in Genoa to remember Carlo Giuliani

action sommer 2001

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Piazza Carlo Giuliani Comitee


20 th July 2001, Genova, Piazza Alimonda
20th January 2002, Genova, Piazza De Ferrarii


(deutsch) Am Sonntag, dem 20. Jänner 2002 fand in Genua eine Demonstration für den genau 6 Monaten zuvor während der Proteste gegen den G8-Gipfel erschossenen Carlo Giuliani statt. Die Polizei hielt im Vorfeld dieser Demonstration AktivistInnen ab, nach Genua zu gelangen. An der Demonstration nahmen unterschiedlichen Schätzungen zufolge 10.000 - 20.000 Leute teil. Trotz einiger Spannungen, kam es zu keinen weiteren Übergriffen durch die Polizei. Die kommerziellen Medien in Italien schwiegen über die Proteste. (

(english) More than 20.000 people remembered Carlo Giuliani in a very touching demonstration yesterday in Genova. (dc.indymedia)

20.07.2001: kurz vor den tödlichen Schüssen

Who has not memory has not future

6 months after the murder of Carlo Giuliani we will demonstrate because:

- not to forget: because the memories will become learnings
- because Carlo was only a guy who wanted a different world
- because one can't be killed for this reason
- because what happened to him could happen to each one of us
- because never more any government and its police forces will do violence to the people who want to affirm their ideas
- because we want truth and justice on the days of Genova against any removals and lies.

to make memory we invite everyone and also the ones who were not in Genoa last year to take part to the demonstration.

15h meeting in Piazza Alimonda, poetic reading
16h demonstration and arrival in Piazza de Ferrari
at 17.30 Concert in Piazza de Ferrari