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  Peoples Global Action (PGA)
Mailand, 24. - 25. März 2001      


The Milan meeting will be the first experiment in constructing common ground
for those in Europe who are interested in the PGA; it is a recent network
and we don't know one another yet - some people are taking part = for the
first time, while for others it is the first meeting free from the necessity of
organising immediate action or campaigns. Following Prague, we also think
there should be massive participation by grassroots movements NGOs and
individuals from EASTERN Europe so as to have a good balance of issues arising from
the Prague experience.
We think that the meeting will serve above all to share and compare = ideas
and experiences. This will allow us to sketch a map of the all the different
people and groups that are interested in going forward = together and, to a
large extent, to start out anew. Such an exchange could strengthen
interaction within the European network allowing us to work together, starting out
from a knowledge of the opinions and the experiences that we hear about on this
occasion and building on relationships that may be strengthened or newly
created after the meeting.

This is why our proposal for the agenda is based on a few general issues
that might serve as a basis for sharing our points of view. But before this, we
want to suggest a general introduction, a few brief = contributions, the
introduction of the participants and the materials already received, as well as
an exchange of views about the organisation of the work in hand.

A beginning in which we talk about what is happening, what has to be built
up, what should be changed. What do we think are the main characteristics of
the present situation, what are our main objectives in building the present
and what transformations and battles should we involve ourselves in? All
this regarding both the macro and the micro, talking about our own districts in
the same way as the planet, according to the feelings of the participants
and the specific work they have been doing.

Moving on with an exchange of ideas about what is to be done: how do we take
action? Do we prefer widespread work throughout the territory or
involvement in specific moments of action, co-ordinated around issues of national or
international importance? What are our battle strategies, and which colour (of
the Prague experiences) do they correspond to - pink, yellow or blue? Or
are there other forms that do not fall into the previous categories? What are
our communication strategies? How do we take decisions? How do we relate to
those who are different to us?

Concluding with a specific reflection on the prospects and proposals
regarding the PGA network in Europe: an exchange of ideas about our coming
commitments and those that might be taken on as mutual commitments by a part or all
of those present at the meeting. What are the next steps for the network, the
next meetings, and the proposals for the organisation of the network itself?

This division into four main themes would organise the two days in Milan
into two blocks of discussion each day, separated by the lunch break. We insist
that the following is only an initial proposal for the agenda, which we want
to check on with everyone - the better we manage this exchange of views
together before the meeting, the better use we shall be able to make of the two
days we have.



Saturday 24 March

8.30 Breakfast
9.30 'Guided tour' of Leoncavallo centre
10.0 Plenary session
Presentation of how work will be organised
Presentation of agenda: proposals/modifications/additions
Brief introductions by participants: introduction/latest actions/opinions
13.0 Lunch
14.30 Debate on following issues:
Strategies of resistance to multinationals: relationships between Global
days of Action, local Action and globally co-ordinated campaigns against
specific aspects of the capitalistic power structure (unstable jobs, deregulation,
immigration, borders, privatisation of the planet's resources and of
services, etc.)
Form of action: violence/pacifism/civil disobedience
New tactics against the criminalisation of the movement
20.0 Supper
21.30 Discussion groups on specific issues; proposals:ie.
Globalisation and immigration
Global climate.............................


Sunday 25 March

9.0 Breakfast
10.0 Plenary session
Reports of discussion groups
Proposals for revision of the PGA manifesto
13.0 Lunch
14.30 Plenary session
Definition & extension of network. Communications structure
Coming appointments:
G8 summit in Genoa - 20/22 July
Annual meeting of IMF/World Bank - 2/4 October 2001 in Washington
4th ministerial conference of the WTO - November 2001
19.00 End of meeting

There have been several requests for practical information regarding the
European PGA meeting to be held in Milan. Separate information about this side
of things will follow immediately.

Answer please to the following emails;
and of course to

tel. +39026705185
fax. +39026705621
address: Ya Basta!
Centro Sociale Leoncavallo,
Via Watteau 7,
20125 Milan, Italy.

The meeting will take place in Milan, Italy at the Centro Sociale
Leoncavallo, Via Watteau 7, from the morning of Saturday 24 March to the evening of
Sunday 25 March. Participants are advised to arrive on the evening of the 23rd
and to give the organisers details of any accommodation needed.
We also invite you to take part in the organisation of the meeting and give
it your full support.
For further information on the PGA and access to its manifesto, the website
is: http//
For further information on Ya Basta! the website is:

Ya Basta! Association For the dignity of all people, against neoliberalsim


There have been several requests for practical information regarding the
European PGA meeting to be held in Milan.

TAKING PART: Anyone who wants to take part (as an individual or as a group)
and has not yet informed us, should send a brief description of their
political past.

LOGISTICS: Please let us know as soon as possible how many people will be
coming with your group (in the case of groups) so that we can make the best
arrangements this end. There is plenty of room in the Leoncavallo centre.
Those who intend staying in the centre should bring sleeping bags and
something to put them on (inflatable mattresses etc.). Anyone who prefere to stay
in a hostel needs to book - we can book for you if you let us know now by

FOOD: How many of you are vegetarians or vegans? Coupons will be
distributed at political prices for 3 or 4 complete meals in the centre's snack bar.
FOREIGN EXCHANGE: We suggest you change money in your own country. However,
it will be possible to change money at the centre, for those who are unable
to do so.

walk to Via Melchiore Gioia (5 minutes) and take the number 43 bus in the
direction of Piazzale Greco. Get off at Piazzale Greco. Walk back to the main
road (Via de Marchi), cross it and turn right. Take the first road on the
left, go under the bridge and turn right (into Via Watteau). You will see the
Leoncavallo centre immediately. A sketch map with directions to and from the
town centre will be available on our website shortly.

TRANSLATION: The meeting will be held in English. If this will make it
difficult for anyone to follow proceedings, translators can be found but we need
to know now which languages are needed. If you bring your own translators,
please let us know; perhaps they can be shared.

EXHIBITIONS AND VIDEOS: space has been set aside for exhibitions and
videos. You are all invited to bring photos and videos. In particular we would
like to have visual material on the Bangladeshi Landless Women's movement and
on the Narmada dams in India.
Anyone arriving Friday evening (23 March) will be welcome at the Leoncavallo




Aufruf zu europäischen Trefen von Peoples Global Action (PGA)

Practical information

Peoples Global Action (PGA)