[ 18. Nov 2004 ]

Death in UK detention

November 2004: The independent race and refugee news network (irr news) reports four self-inflicted deaths of asylum seekers in British prisons or immigration removal centres so far this year.


Kenny Peter, 7 Nov 2004, an asylum seeker (from either Liberia or Nigeria) died in Charing Cross hospital, nearly three weeks after sustaining injuries during an apparent self-harm attempt at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre. It is believed that on 19 Oct 2004, Kenny jumped from a landing and sustained serious injuries - from which he later died.

Sergey Barnuyck, (31), 19 Jul 2004, a Ukrainian asylum seeker was found hanged in Harmondsworth removal centre. His death sparked a night of disturbances at the centre and led to all the detainees being transferred to prisons and other detention centres.

Tung Wang, (22), 23 Jul 2004, a Vietnamese asylum seeker was found hanged in Dungavel removal centre in Scotland just days after being transferred from Harmondsworth removal centre after the disturbance.

John Kanau Manana (24) 15 Oct 2004, a Kenyan found hanged from a ligature in his cell at Leicester prison on 15 Oct 2004 at 3.55. Paramedics were called and attempted resuscitation and he was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 4.50.

Source: irr news, 11 Nov 2004