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Christian Ecole Ebune

* Cameroonian asylum seeker
* Aged 31
* Died 18 December 2000, Hungary
Official cause of death: natural causes as a consequence of chronic cardiac hypertrophy. (An alternative report commissioned by the Hungarian Helsinki Commission suggests that death was most probably due to a combination of heart failure, panic and stress.)


Case details: When deportation police arrived at the community shelter of the Nyirb"¡tor border guard directorate to carry out the deportation, Ebune started to shout and cry. At this point, according to other detainees, two police officers and six border guards handcuffed him and "dragged him on the floor like a dead goat" into the police van. At the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, two officers from the National Police Alert Squad Anti-Terrorist Service arrived to escort Ebune to his flight. When these officers tried to replace Ebune"s metal handcuffs with plastic ones, Ebune attempted to escape. At this point, seven police officers forced him on to a table, closed the handcuffs, cuffed his feet and put him on a luggage trolley before pushing him into the transit zone. At first, the Sabena airline pilot agreed to take him on board but, when he continued to shout and protest, the pilot refused to go through with the deportation. Ebune was then taken into a service corridor away from passengers where, it appears, he was beaten and his feet wrapped with tape. When one of the officers noticed that he was unconscious, the airport emergency physician was called. Ebune could not be revived. (As compiled by Hungarian Helsinki Committee in its report "Death at the airport: the case of Christian Ecole Ebune".)

Source: IRR Analysis: Deaths during forced deportation