[ 31. Dec 1991 // letzte änderung: 02. Jan 2005 ]

Arumugam Kanapathipillai

* Tamil asylum seeker
* Aged 33
* Died 1991, France
* Official cause of death: asphyxiation


Case details: Arumugam Kanapathipillai was taken for deportation, gagged and wrapped up in a blanket, on a Paris to Colombo flight. He died later in the hospital at Aulnay-sous-Bois.

Any action: There was no publicity about this death at the time and there are allegations that the authorities deliberately tried to cover the death up. Seven years later, after the ministry of interior launched an inquiry into the use of gags and tranquillisers by Diccilec, the immigration police, it emerged that no police officer had ever been charged following the death of Arumugam Kanapathipillai.

Source: IRR Analysis: Deaths during forced deportation