[ 14. Feb 2005 // letzte änderung: 15. Apr 2005 ]

noborder festival in Timisoara, 25- 26 of March 2005

short program of the noborder festival Timosora (Romania)


Program of the festival:

25-26 March 2005: Concerts with EE bands: AK 47 (Croatia), FPO (Macedonia), Red Union (Serbia), Aktivna Propaganda (Slovenia), Jezisovi Pivo Nelej (Slovacia), Nagaika (Czech Rep), Regres (Poland), Deviation (Belarus), Jack (Hungary), Sloppy Livin (Lithuania), Sosiska (Ukraine) and some bands from Romania: Haos, Nomansband, Los Pogos, Pavilionul32

also tehre will be durring the day Eastern European Independent film Festival. with films from many countries in Eastern europe.

and eastern European DIY Art and Culture Fair (DIY distros/labels from EE will be present).
also will be 2 bands from france

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