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[ 24. May 2005 ]

A Note on Civilized Brutality Against Blacks in Austria

There is an equally troubling kind of brutality which policy makers perpetuate with unforgivable, even criminal short-sightedness but whose effects will surely come to haunt the Austrian society tomorrow: the inevitability of this constitutes the brutality.


One of the sad and unfortunate results of the fear and resentment of blacks in Austria is that the black intellectual cadre is effectively being driven out of the country - in droves. Not because they want to leave but because society does not want them to stay. To achieve this objective society has contrived the necessity to routinely deny them employment, which is a civilized way of saying they are not wanted here. At any given year qualified medical doctors, dentists, engineers, holders of doctorate and masters degrees, technicians, etc. of black African descent pack up their belongings and give Austria up as a bad job. These are often products of Austrian schools; and they speak good German. They mostly head for Britain (if they are Anglophone), France (if they are Francophone), and the United States of America (if they are otherwise lucky). Those countries gain, Austria loses.

At the same time, new, younger blacks often not nearly as well educated as the ones society is actively if enthusiastically shedding are flocking into the country - in droves too. These new immigrants, mind you, are the ones principally, if not exclusively, involved in trade in illicit drugs. And they, like every body else, have a dream. The scenario one foresees in due course is not too difficult to imagine. With much of the intellectual and technical class gone and going, very few black role models will be available to inspire the younger generation of blacks to dignified civil pursuits. The future fallout from such a situation is quite predictable like the fallout from the deferred dream in Langston Hughes' Harlem. When a dream is continuously frustrated it tends to explode - eventually; and when a dream explodes - when hope dies, that is - we can expect anything. The sad thing is that it is the children and grandchildren of leaders (and the electorate) of today who will suffer the social upheavals that will inevitably erupt in the future as a result of today's short sightedness. This is why the shortsightedness is criminal. For society cannot have it both ways. No society could have it both ways. No society ever had it both ways. Society cannot thwart the illegal dreams of these new black African immigrants and at the same time frustrate the possibilities for them to dream legitimate dreams, and still expect peace and orderliness. This is God's law, and it is immutable.

© Chibo Onyeji: excerpt from The Toll of Bad Press. Forthcoming.