[ 28. Jul 2005 ]

Program of Noborder Actions in Greece, 25-28 Aug 2005

international noborder actions, bulgaria greece, aug 2005

The noborder actions and discussions in Xanthi will take place from 25 to 28 August 2005. Xanthi is located in the north-east of Greece, close to the Bulgarian border and some 165 kilometres from Kepous, the border patrol station before Turkey.



Thursday 25/8:
12.00 Meeting the Bulgarian No Border Actions on the Greek - Bulgarian borders (Promahonas)
19.30 Discussion: "Greek inner borders and the issue of the muslem minority of Thrace"
21.00 Presentation of all the groups participating to the No Border Actions

Friday 26/8:
11.00 Demonstration which will start at the central spuare of Xanthi
18.00 Discussion: "Refugees and immigrants (deportation, asylum etc)"
21.00 Concert: V.Gaifilias, folk bands etc

Saturday 27/8 :
11.00 Demonstration in Komotini, which will start at the central square of the city (we are getting there by busses from Xanthi)
16.00 Travelling by busses to Venna village (about 10 km away from the city of Komotini) and marching from there to the refugee detention center which exist in the area.
21.00 Concert: Antiterra, sychokrah, 63high, A. Mourvatis, Active Member

Sunday 28/8:
16.00 Discussion: "Against the european camping of neonazi groups that is going to take place on September in Greece"
18.00 Discussion: "Borders and Globalisation"
23.00 Party

The Camp is going to settle in the area of the University of Xanthi. All the discussions, presentations and concerts will take place there. There will also be the kitchen of the camp and place to sleep. Also during the No Border Actions in the area of the camp several presentations, projections of videos etc will take place.

The groups that participate to organising the No Border Actions are the following:

- Antiauthoritarian Movement (Greece)
- Group of refugees and immigrants (Greece)
- Anarchosaportiva (Bulgaria)
- Anarchosyndicalistic Initiative (Yougoslavia)
There will also be there comrades from: Russia, Slovenia, Italy, England, Poland etc

For furthet information about the No Border Actions:
info_gr (at) (Greece)
info_bg (at) (Bulgaria)