[ 26. Aug 2005 ]

Linking Struggles Against The Border

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No Border Encuentro Aug 27-28 San Diego, California. Crazy times we find ourselves in. Millions of people forced to live underground, more than 3200 dead and tens of thousands more incapacitated crossing the border....


Communities and families split by the wall. As if the border and its myriad forms of violence were not enough, racist paramilitaries are openly organizing across the US and finding enthusiastic partners in politicians and corporate press outlets alike. And then there are the numerous Neo-nazi groups crawling out from beneath their rocks, thrilled with the "Trojan Horse" of growing anti-migrant sentiment.
So, here we are. There is a huge amount of incredible organizing around these issues happening all around us. As one small contribution to this struggle for liberation and dignity, the (no)border encuentro in San Diego. We hope that many different people can make it and we hope for it to truly be an encounter, with many people sharing space, dreams, ideas and strategies.

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