[ 17. Mar 2006 ]

UK No Borders Activists Join Forces

Demonstration for right to stay, London 1st of March 2006

With the government's :: boasting that they "have made significant progress towards our target of removing failed asylum seekers," many activists from all around the country have joined the struggle against the border regime under the banner :: No Borders.


They :: gathered in London on the 11th and 12th of March for practical workshops about
supporting refugees and migrants as well as strategic discussions.

For the first time a gathering of No Borders groups, with people coming from groups in Cardiff, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and London took place. Very exciting and hopefully the start of a movement that will put an end to immigration control! (:: UK indymedia)

Proposed actions included a campaign to :: close Heathrow detention centres, a :: day of action on 8 April 2006 in solidarity with a :: worldwide call from Australian No Border activists, and actions against the :: IOM. Examples of ongoing campaigns include :: Judith and Mariah Rugobya and :: Ali Noori, who are presently struggling to stay in the UK.

Recently :: Mohammed Arrian was granted :: indefinite leave to remain in the UK only after strong pressure from his local community. :: Bereket Yohannes was one of twelve people who :: took their own lives in UK detention centers in recent years.

The picture above was taken at a :: demonstration in London on the 1st March. Supporters of Judith and Mariah Rugobya marched from the Passport Office on Eccelstone Square to the Home Office on Marsham Street to demand of Tony McNulty, the minister for Immigration, that the sisters be allowed to stay. The protesters had to defy the SOCPA legislation on their march.

Many groups around the country are supporting asylum seekers or the slogan :: "No One is Illegal": the :: National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns, :: Barbed Wire Britain, and, of course, local :: No Border groups in :: Birmingham, :: Glasgow, :: Leeds, :: London, :: Manchester and :: Sheffield. There is also a :: No Borders Forum and an open announcement :: mailing list. For more information, check :: Make Borders History and the :: IMC UK migration page.

Source: :: UK indymedia Migration and NoBorder news