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[ 18. Aug 2007 // letzte änderung: 01. Sep 2007 ]

Tony Onouha killed by the greek police

Tony Onouha

During the evening of Saturday 18th of August 2007, according to reports, undercover policemen were after the 25-year-old Tony Onouha, immigrant from Nigeria, who had been selling CDs in a cafe in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. Tony Onouha, let your spirit go after the policemen that killed you.


Based on denouncements of his fellow countrymen, Tony Onouha, recognised those policemen as the ones who had beaten him up, one year ago. He tried to run away and finally fell from the first floor of the cafe, 5 meters height, to the street, where he died instantly. (:: photos)

Some reports say that the immigrant was pushed by the police officers. In any case, the death of Tony Onouha is one more assassination by the state repression mechanism, the Hellenic Police.

Right after Onouha's death, his fellow countrymen and anarchists in solidarity had a vigil at the place of the incident. Some of them protested and had a conflict with the riot police and undercover policemen who went there to suppress the protest. Roadblocks were set up and the riots kept on until Sunday 4am. (:: photos)

On Monday afternoon, 500 hundred people participated in demonstration including many people from the black community and people in solidarity, including the antiracist initiative of Thessaloniki, left and anarchist/antiauthoritarian groups. When the march was in front of the Polce Department, the demonstrators threw a lot stones against the guarding riot police.

The protests have been announced to go on during the following days.

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