[ 29. May 2008 ]

Information Update from Legal Support, 24. May 2008

In the meantime all 10 animal rights activists have been remanded to pre-trial detention without the possibility of bail.


Nine of them are in the jail in Wiener Neustadt (right next to the Wiener Neustadt courthouse). (Update May 28: Some of the prisoners were transferred to Vienna an Eisenstadt - without mentioned reasons and without information to their lawyers.) One person is still in jail in Innsbruck - rumors about a possible transfer to Wiener Neustadt have not been verifiable up to this point. The next evaluation of the detention will probably take place in two weeks; at this time the only thing that will be decided on is whether the current detention will continue or whether the prisoners will be released.

The legal support has deliberately decided not to release any names or affiliations of the imprisoned persons until it has been cleared with them. We ask you to do the same out of respect for the prisoner’s right to privacy.

Lawyers are expensive – organize benefit parties and donate money to:

Account #: 01920013682
Bank Code (BLZ): 14 000
Account owner: Grünalternative Jugend Wien
Purpose: Antirep 2008
IBAN: AT551400001920013682

There have already been solidarity demonstrations in: Vienna, Wiener Neustadt, Graz, Bregenz, Hamburg, Berlin, Stockholm and Munich. We have also been informed that solidarity demonstrations are planned in Romania and Italy.

Out of experience it takes a long time for letters to reach people sitting in detention jails – nevertheless it is important to write to the prisoners and show them our solidarity. It is important to think about the fact that the letters will be read by the prosecutors. Therefore do not write anything that could incriminate those in jail or have a negative influence on their proceedings. Search in the internet for tips on writing to prisoners.

Send letters to:
Name + Date of Birth
Justizanstalt Wiener Neustadt
Maximiliangasse 3
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt

We demand the immediate release of the prisoners!
Only a few are directly targeted, but we are all intended targets!
Together we are strong!

Information Hotline for those directly affected, friends and family: +43 650 5926791
E-mails: antirep2008 (at)
Press hotline: +43 681 10643623

Further information: ::