[ 28. Sep 2009 ]

Demands of Freedom by Under Age Prisoners, 24. August 2009

Inside the detention centre Pagani on Lesvos, Greece, many protests going on all the time. A letter from inside.


On behalf of this Occasion, we under age prisoners would like to express our problems, so as to get a quick solution;

=> Medical problems; diahria, malaria, skin disease and cool.
=> Due to the dimension of our rooms is small, we have breathing problems, shortage of beds and blankets, shortage of good as well as facilities like w.c. and showers (350 people)
=> The duration of staying in this prison is too long and no one cares (look after) about us.

So as to conclude we are searching for freedom. “Searching for freedom is not Crime.” So we are highly requesting UNHCR, European Community as well as the government and society of Greece to give our freedom as soon as possible.

Thank You
Under Age Prisoners

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