[ 02. Apr 2010 ]

Detained immigrants attempt suicide at Imathia police stations

Three immigrants detained at police station cells for "illegal entry in the country" attempted suicide in the last week in different detention spaces of Imathia Prefecture, Western Macedonia Region, Northern Greece.


They all had been kept in police cells for months under horrible conditions.

An Iraqi detainee at the police station of Veroia set desparately two matresses on fire; he was saved by the police when they took notice of it.

Another Iraqi at Naousa police station tried to hang himself with his bed sheets.

The third detainee was also an Iraqi, 32 years old, at the border guard station of Georgianoi. He also tried to hang himself and was saved when his fellow detaineed heard his cries.

Article publilshed first by :: clandestinenglish on 31 March 2010. Source: :: athens indymedia repost of a :: Tuesday, March 30, Rhizospastis newspaper article.