[ 27. May 2012 ]

Stop racist stigmatisation and criminalisation! Freedom for Pastor Joshua Esosa!

The Problem of Unexamined Premises and Assumption must stop

The initiatives "1st of March / transna- tional migrants' strike" and "Afrique Europe Interact / Vienna" hereby declare their solidarity with the demonstration for the freedom of Pastor Joshua Esosa which is organized by his friends and relatives for 1st of June 2012 in Vienna.


Come and join the demo:
June 1st, at 2 pm, Ministry of Justice, Museumsstraße 7 / Weghuberpark

Observe the court trial:
June 6th, 9 am, Landesgericht Vienna, room 305/3rd floor

Send Your support declarations to: junefirst2012 (at)

Pastor Joshua Esosa, like many Black People and People of Colour before, became target of a court trial for alleged drug dealing based on racist prejudice. The arbitrary and manipulative ways of the police and the court handling evidences and testimonies didn't happen accidentally, but they are rather based on racist stigmatisation and pre-judgement.

Until today, we can see the effects of the so-called "Operation Spring" in this country: In 1999, more than 100 people, mostly refugees from African countries, were arrested as a consequence of a racist hate campaign, with many of them disappearing in prison for years. Many people who had been fighting for their rights and against racist violence in Austria were silcenced by this campaign. Until today, it happens daily in Austria that people get controlled and harrassed by the police based on "racial profiling".

On 1st of June, we want to show our solidarity with Pastor Joshua Esosa and all those who are targetted by racist criminalization and racist police harrassments. We also want to show a sign against Austrian court and state authorities trying to silence Black People, People of Colour, migrants and refugees by creating a climate of fear.

We cannot wait for god helping us to change the situation in this country, but we say it loud and clear, right here and right now: It is really enough! Together against inequality, stigmatisation and racism!

Initiative 1st of March / Transnational Migrants' Strike
Network Afrique Europe Interact / Vienna