[ 27. Sep 2012 ]

'In the struggle between yourself and the world, back the world'

No Border Camp

Following report was presented at the No Border Camp in Siva Reka, Bulgaria, in August 2011. It gives an overview on the racist migration policy and resistance in Greece, starting with the December 2008 protests.


Greece has become an experimental laboratory for policies to be applied to the rest of Europe - hence, we believe, understanding what has happened here in the last three years is of crucial importance. The country is now at a crossroads: Will people who are currently resisting the full-scale assault of the IMF realize that they must form an alliance with all the oppressed? Or will they fall victim to the oldest trick in the bosses' book-and turn against the even more oppressed?

This report try to describe a process by which the State first used the attack against immigrants as a counter-insurgency technique after the December 2008 riots, and then allowed the escalation of a humanitarian crisis in certain neighborhoods of Athens, thus giving birth to fascist populism and nazi militias.

It concludes with following words:

Solidarity to immigrants and refugees is a prerequisite for the next step, the political and social recomposition necessary for overcoming confusion, far-right populism and nihilist despair. Only then will we be able to resist barbarism and fight back!

:: Read the full report her as pdf.