[ 30. Oct 2015 ]

Solidarity with migrants on all borders - Call for protest in Zagreb

Refugees welcome - open borders

On Saturday, 31st of October 2015 noborder activists call for an international action day. Here you can read for the protest in Zagreb.


The boundaries of the fortress Europe are becoming 'death camps' with unbearable lightness. Judging by the statements of politicians from the periphery of Europe, pressured by the European Commission, it is a question of time before the barbed wires will extend from Hungary to other routes of the present and future Schengen area. Barbed wire and fences that are springing up thanks to the mechanisms of forced labor, by exploitation of the working force of the most vulnerable members of society - prisoners and the unemployed, are not and will not stop the migration of thousands of people who are forced to leave their homes. The wire alongside the so-called green border is complicating the refugee trail and is directing people to a much more demanding and difficult terrain. Resisting border regimes and police repression on their way to Europe, with always present risk of drowning, extortion and profiteering by human traffickers, detention, imprisonment, deportation, violence, and death, people in migration are forced, already exhausted by months-long walk, to continue walking for miles, to wait for registration and fingerprinting for hours and sleep at night in the cold and the rain, literally in mud and, soon, in the first snow.

We invite all the people to protest and show their solidarity with migrants at all borders. We should all together confront the limited freedom of movement, barbed wire, the camps, deportations, and the repressive measures of the European Union. We request immediate removal of barricades, withdrawal of the military, police and Frontex power and ceasing of all forms of violence and discrimination against all people regardless of their 'status'.

To protest, we deliberately choose the Square of Europe where the key institution of the European Union is positioned, because we want to show that we are not and we will not be obedient to the hypocritical Europe - a Europe that builds barbed wire to stop women, children and the elderly, while at the same time its imperial fingers are deeply involved in the Middle East conflict.

Also, we welcome protests of the same kind in cities across Europe and we invite activists, as well as all persons who oppose repressive policy of the EU, to continue to gather in the streets of Athens, Ljubljana, Budapest, Belgrade, Vienna, Pristina, Skopje, Tirana. Let us show everyone that people on the borders of the Fortress Europe are not alone.

Together in the fight for freedom of movement!

  • Seek open borders and freedom of movement for all people in migration without discriminating reasons for which they want or are forced to migrate
  • Seek to immediately stop illegalisation and criminalization of people in migration
  • Seek to immediately stop illegalisation and criminalization of people who voluntarily help people in migration
  • Seek protection of all people whose lives are threatened by armed conflict, war, poverty, exploitation, discrimination, smuggling and trafficking of human beings, or any other form of structural and economic violence
  • Seek immediate suspension of financing of armed conflicts and wars, invasion sand occupations, and suspension of operation of the war industry and economies that rely on armed conflicts, wars and economic exploitation
  • Seek immediate suspension of financing and abolition of Frontex (the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union)
  • Seek removal of barbed wire fences and suspension of forced labor in their removal
  • Seek to cease humiliation, torture, and every other form of violence against all people who are in migration and to suspend deportation of all people who have (not) arrived at their aim destination

Time: Saturday, 31st October, at 11.00.

Place: the Square of Europe, the European Commission Representation in Croatia and the Hungarian Institute in Zagreb, Augusta Cesarca Street No. 4 and 10.