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[ 05. May 2016 ]

Solidarity City Plaza in Athens

Logo City Plaza

On 22nd of April, in the morning, activists and refugees joined action to squat an abandoned hotel in the northern center of Athens. Info and call for donations.


Their goal: Accomondation for refugees in dignity, run collectively; a space for relaxation, exchange, solidarity, education and joy.
Here, there shall be possible what the Greek state and the charity organisations have failed upon: Accomondation and supply for hundreds of refugees, regardless of their status or nationality.

For this, the project will need a lot of money: for daily meals, clean and convenient housing, meaning: an operating hotel enterprise. But also, basic medical provision, language classes and other measures of support and self-organisation may be developed here. We are asking you to donate for this awesome project and to thereby support the brave refugees and activists who took the initiative to open this space in keeping it alive.

:: call for donations