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[ 10. May 2016 ]

Migration - Criminalization - Resistance - Invention

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Kritnet Conference 2016: May 26th-29th, Vienna, VHS Ottakring
Online registration until May 17th


While politics of fortification and racist mobilisation grow stronger every day, there are also multiple forms of resistance and invention that have emerged - not only since last summer - managing to fight, resist and elude racism in its various guises, violence, oppression, borders and exploitation.

There are rather few opportunities for those resisting these developments to meet, to get to know each other, to talk and think together. Trying to fill this gap, this conference aims at enabling participants to exchange experiences, join their struggles, form new strategies and spaces of resistance, and alliances fighting these recent racist intensifications.

We believe that in times that are marked by increasing state and civil racist violence, knowing each other, thinking together and forming common strategies can be key to gain strength, and to open spaces for reacting, resisting and inventing alternative worlds and realities to those we are currently confronted with.


* Gender and border regimes

* 'A culture of welcome'?

* Discourses on human smuggling

* Mapping European Borderregime

* 'Balkan route'

* Refugee protests / Protests against illegalisation / Against camps

* Right to the city!

* Migration and border regimes from a West African perspective

* Resisting new racist asylum laws

* Critical social work