[ 12. Dec 2004 ]

The Battle of Guadalajara Mexico - A Radio Documentary from CKUT Radio

Listen to a radio documentary, on the May 2004 street demonstrations in Guadalajara Mexico against the 3rd Summit of the ALCUE, which gathered representatives from 25 European countries, joined by 33 of their Latin American and Caribbean counterparts.


The closed-door negotiations of the ALCUE, regarding "free-trade" economic policies effecting more than 1 billion people, were confronted by thousands of demonstrators from throughout Mexico and the world.

Ten years after NAFTA (the North American Free-Trade Agreement), the people of Mexico have experienced the devastating impacts of "free trade" economic policies. According to the government of Mexico, today 40 million people live below the poverty level, and 25 million in extreme poverty.

In May 2004 the streets of Guadalajara were filled with a thousands of voices, who issued a resounding rejection of the ALCUE summit and the "free trade" economic model in North America, based on the exploitation of the people, cultures and lands of Mexico. The Guadalajara demonstrations, were faced with severe repression at the hands of the Mexican state, who mounted a police and state security forces operation to repress the popular demonstrations. Hundreds of demonstrators were rounded up, severely beaten, arrested and in certain cases tortured while in prison.

This radio documentary provides an in-depth perspective on the demonstrations in Guadalajara and resistance movements to neo-liberal economic in Mexico and throughout Latin America. Featuring interviews with the Carlo Giuliani Caravan an anarchist group in Mexico City, the Guadalajara Indymedia Center, the Mexican Action Network Against Free Trade (REMALC), Agustin Pro Juarez Center for Human Rights in Mexico City and CLAC (the Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal).

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This radio documentary was produced for CKUT Radio in Montreal by Fabian Duran of the Mexico City Indymedia Center and AIRE a video-activist collective in Mexico City ( and Stefan Christoff of CKUT Radio in Montreal & CLAC (the Anti-Capitalist Convergence of Montreal -

For more Information on the May 2004 Guadalajara Demonstrations Visit Indymedia Guadalajara: