[ 16. Sep 2018 ]

Remember the 16th of September, 2015

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It has been three years since Ahmed H. is arrested. Terrible three years, since the criminal state of Hungary is keeping him as a hostage in the isolation of Venyige prison (Budapest).


Ahmed has been waiting in incarceration for another six months, for the next chapter of this badly performed political theatre play, the continuation of his trial, which will take place on the 20th September in Szeged. What can we expect from the coming court hearing? Wrong question. No matter what the rhetoric of the second level court will be, no matter what they pretend, we all know:

there is NO JUSTICE on state court. Ahmed H’s immediate freedom is the only acceptable outcome.

Repeating the same sentences over the last three years became so bitter that we don't know what is more painful: our screams in a society, which is pacified by the racist and sexist ethno-nationalist state propaganda, while the local oligarchy and international capital ransacks it; or the silence of the so-called „alternative scene” which remains after each court hearing.

Although there are people who can finally visit Ahmed twice a month, he still does not receive letters even from these contact persons.

Since June this year, there is a ban on food packages. It means that Ahmed (and all other prisoners) are not allowed to receive any food from outside. The expensive, online prison shop with choco-candy products of terrible quality is the only platform to order food from. As Ahmed cannot eat most of the prison food, he was depending completely on the packages that his family and friends were sending him. The control of food consumption is another strategy of the state to increase the torture of prisoners and make the prison system even more profitable.

Let’s not forget the brutal attack of the Hungarian state on demonstrators for free movement on the 16th of September 2015! By remembering and speaking up against the violence that no court will mention, we resist the creation of another manipulative historical narrative, that only serves to legitimize the violence of a nation-state.

Let’s speak up and act against the everyday police violence on the borders (and the streets, and institutions, everywhere)! The so called „Balkan route” is not closed, just the tariffs of travelling increased and the journey became more dangerous.

For all those who share the pain and the anger we call to show solidarity with Ahmed in all forms!


first published on :: Free Röszke 11