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[ 02. Apr 2005 ]

Vienna protest against deportations on 2nd of April 2005

On the second europeanwide day of action for freedom of movement and the right to stay, some 150 people joined the protests in Vienna. A demonstration walked from one of Viennas deportation prisons to the other.


On the second euopeanwide day of migrants struggles, some 150 people met around 2pm in front of one of Viennas deportation prison @ Hernalser Gürtel 6-12. Leaflets have been distributed and a short speech informed the crowd and people passing by. Because of the demonstration, the police, who is running the prison, didn"t allow people to visit the prisoners on this day - so the protest was also directed against this disposal from the police.

After some time, the demonstration started. There was much sun and many people in the streets. It was a noisy demonstration and many people get notice of the europeanwide actionday and the aim of the demostration: to abolish all racist laws and stop all deportations. More leaflets were spread.

Around 4:30pm, the demonstration arrived at Viennas second prison which is used to imprison illegalised people at Rossauer lände 7-9. The crowd walked around the prsion two times. Then a short manifestation was hold which was used to make more noise. At 5pm, the demonstration was over.

On Thursday, 7th of April 2005 there will be a video screening @ vekks (Zentagasse 26, 1050 Vienna) of the documentation no lager. nowhere (de) and clips from further protest against detention and deportations, and maybe first screenings from the europeanwide action day.