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[ 25. Aug 2018 ]

International demonstration “Sea-Rescue instead of Fortress Europe” in Salzburg

A better future for all!

The demonstration against the summit oft he European leaders will start on the 20th of September 2018 at 2pm in front of the main station in Salzburg.


From 11am there will be an announced rally and a public exhibition about the issues of migration and escape will be organized.

At 11.30am a public hearing will take place, where activists from Sub-Sahara-Africa will speak about deportations and the exterritorialisation of the European border regime to northern Africa.

At 2pm the the program of the demonstration will start with different speeches and music.

With this demonstration we want to show, what we think about the deadly migration politics of the EU. We want take a clear stand for a better future for everybody, regardless of their origin or their place of birth. The European rulers won’t be able to discuss undisturbed, about their plans to destroy and end thousands of human lifes. We want a future, that allows everybody to live without fear, by organizing production along our needs and beyond concurrence.

Most likely there will be controls by the police, especially at the border. Keep this in mind, when you plan your travels and calculate with some spare time. In :: you’ll find information about the legal situation and there will be an active legal aid structure as well. Also there will be organized rides with bus or train from some cities and regions. We will collect all this information on our homepage as well.

Take something orange with you, for example a shirt, a hat, a scarf or else. The colour orange stands for the thousands of life vests and boats an became a symbol for the catastrophe, that happens on the Mediterranean sea. But the meaning of this colour gained another meaning during the last weaks because oft he different mobilizations of the #seebrücke (safe passage) movement. Now it stands as well for the demand and the hope, that at the end human lifes are more important than crazy phantasies of natonalistic isolation. That a humans fortune is not decided by criterias of exploitation. That people unite on the streets to demand an end of war, poverty and death. In cruel times like these it stands for a movement, which fights for a better future for all.


On the 20th of September 2018 the European leaders want to meet in Salzburg to discuss the issues of migration, asylum and internal security. The discussion is going to be led by the Austrian government. The meaning of this we’ve seen during the last months. Since we wrote our first call to the demonstration in Salzburg, a lot of things changed and most of them to the worse. At high speed more and more authoritarian suggestions find their way on the negotiation table of the European rulers. Nationalists, just as Salvini, Kurz and Seehofer started a competition over the question, who is able to make the most inhuman politics. Official politics demand things in a way that shameless, one couldn’t imagine some time ago. Sea rescue gets criminalized again, rescue actions get stopped. The consequence: More people than ever drowned in the Mediterranean see this year. But because “it’s just not working without ugly pictures” (Sebastian Kurz), this pictures shall be taken far away from public attention and shouldn’t spill the blood on European ground. Therefore one recruits authoritarian regimes like Turkey or Libyan militia, who are responsible for massive violations of human rights as the bouncers in front of the European doorstep. This structures get financed by the European Union. Beside the Mediterranean Sea the dessert of northern Africa becomes one of the biggest graveyards due to the transfer of Europes outer borders. People just get dropped in the middle of the dessert, but all this is ok with the migration regime, the only thing that counts is, that no more people come to Europe. But people don’t escape without a reason. It’s not the sea rescue, which animates people to leave their homes. It’s war, poverty, the lack of perspectives and the hope for a better life, that makes them to take such a risk. The global relations of production and distribution of recourses are an important cause of this things. Europa and the global North have to be seen as reasons for escape.

There is protest against this inhuman forms of politics. In Germany thousands of people gathered on the streets under the label of #seebrücke. Also in Italy, Greece and Spain there are voices against the widespread deaths, that are happening in front of their eyes.

But a big part of society is not shocked by the things that happen, but on the contrary whish for an even more brutal drive. “Liberal” press discusses the pros and contras of saving human lifes. People should be locked away, the further away the better. One is inventing new words for not being forced to clearly say, what one is planning. Anchor centres, return, secondary migration: The meaning of all this words is nothing else, than the installation of camps and forced deportation of people, whose only „crime“ is escape.

Refugees get staged as a threat, even as enemies which have to be defeated. Soldiers should be sent to the European border. These “enemies” from the outside get used as an legitimization for the militarization of internal politics. The competences of the police get extended and surveillance increased. Thee police law in Germany is an example of the authoritarian shift within internal politics.

Whether the beating presidential adviser in France, the police-horse minister in Austria or Salvini, who wants to count and register Roma people to get rid of them as soon as possible: We confront this nationalistic madness, which intends to „defend“ the shrinking zones of capitalistic wealth at all costs against so called strangers with the perspective of transnational solidarity. Because when they speak about security, they mean the conservation of the current social conditions. The same conditions, that mean insecurity through cuts of social rights and fear through omnipresent concurrence for most of the people.

Within this social brutalization we want to build a visible and powerful counter pole. We invite all of you to come to Salzburg. When the European leaders want to decide over thousands of lifes, we will resist with words and action. We demand no less, than a good life for everybody, a better future for all. We demand safe ports for those, who want to escape miserable conditions. We demand a #seebrücke (safe passage) to stop the death on the Mediterranean Sea. Because fugitives are part of our global class and we will defend their rights along with ours until we manage to overcome all these wrong conditions, that capitalism is producing, together!