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[ 29. May 2005 ]

Noborder related events during G8 in Scotland

G8 scotland

The G8 are coming to Scotland in July 2005. There will be noborder related events, although there will be more at the G8 alternatives counter summit.


"make borders history" is a walk in Glasgow on 3rd of July, visiting places related to the border regime. This initiative is both a practical investigation in the functioning of the border regime and a walking tour.

Many different groups are calling for a mass protest at Dungavel detention center on July 5th.

Get in touch if you need more information.

Migration, borders, and the slogan "no one is illegal" have become much more prominent in the UK over the last year. Noborder groups in many cities are becoming more active. One group has written a no one is illegal manifesto ( The april 2nd mobilisation was a big success in the UK. Anti detention center groups (umbrella:, direct action groups, comitees to defend asylum seekers and some of the migrant self organisations (for example iranian refugees, the voice uk) demonstrated together on the day (report).

The action day was endorsed by the European Social Forum in London 2004. The aggressive anti-asylum seeker campaigns of the labour government and even more the Tories (the right wing opposition) was picked up by the mass media. In GB there is no big kick-ass campaign like the deportation class campaign but many small initiatives and individual campaigns, and they seem to start working together. In June 2005, there is a no one is illegal conference (see report) in Manchester, you are all invited to come.