[ 15. Jun 2005 ]

Tarifa-Tanger, noborder Camp 17 - 26 June 2005

Fadaiat nobordercamp 17-26 Jun 2005

Fadaiat - which means "through spaces" in arabic - is a political, technological and artistic laboratory that takes place from 17th to 26th of June 2005 in Tanger (Spain) & Tarifa (Morocco) on both sides of the tense frontier dividing Europe from Africa.


Second edition of the event dealing with freedom of movement and freedom of knowledge


It will be taking place at the Straits of Gibraltar, southern border of Europe and northern border of Africa, between Tarifa (Castle of Guzm"¡n el Bueno) and Tangiers (terrace in the Marshan barrio)


From june 17th til june 26th 2005 (around mid summer night)


Workshops, presentations, debates, medialab, projections, vj-djs, tv broadcasts... dealing with communication and information technologies, migrations and borders, new forms of labor, education, cartography, free software...

What for?

To advance in the construction of social, collaborative networks, local and transnational, connecting cognitarians, migrants and precarious, to research and develop tools, to exchange and share knowledge, to discuss common strategies and projects... within the reference framework of the new borders.


Organizers include the following groups and projects: wewearbuildings/hackitectura, (germany), Ayuntamiento de Tarifa (Delegaci"³n de Cultura), straddle3 (barcelona), dash (germany/ UE), indymedia estrecho, proyecto foe (germany, serbia & montenegro, netherlands, latvia, spain), casa de iniciativas 1.5 - entr"¡nsito (M"¡laga), Colectivo Aljaima (Tanger - Sevilla), (barcelona), globaltelesat (alicante - angola), and with the collaboration (some groups still to be confirmed) of the frassanito network (italy, germany, france, greece, slovenia, spain, uk...), oficina de derechos sociales (sevilla), makrolab (eslovenia), kingdom of piracy, lavapies wireless (madrid), precarias a la deriva (madrid), "¡era ciega (madrid)...
Participants will be media-activists, members of social organizations, artists, video/film-makers, programmers and architects from Europe and North Africa.