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[ 06. Oct 2005 ]

Campaign for legalisation in Sweden, 2005

Flyktingamnesti, Demonstration in Göteborg, 10th of September 2005

In Sweden a huge campaign, for residence permit for all hiding and waiting asylum seekers, has been going on since early spring this year (2005).


The most recent activity was a nation wide demonstration day (10th of september), with demonstrations in about 30 cities in Sweden and about 30 000 people out in the streets (which is a lot in Sweden...).

The campaign is a cooperation between over 100 organisations, churches, parties and indivuduals, including a lot of hidden refugees.

The aim of the campaign is to make the parliament vote for an "amnesty" and that this should be executed in connection to other changes in the asylum process of Sweden coming up in March 2006.

Many activities have taken place, for example the campaign made postcards (60 000) a tabloid that was distributed in about 200 000 ex all over the country, probably many times as many local pamphlets and posters were also produced. As a part of the campaign we also made a cd with some of the biggest artists in Sweden. The gain from the cd was about 320 000 swedish kronors (equals about 34 000 euros) that goes directly to hidden refugees.

This is one of the biggest campaigns ever in Sweden for such a purpose.

The campaign has a website:, with a lot of information though most of it is in Swedish. Howevere, there is some information in serbian, bosnian and croatian, and in spanish and english. There are also many pictures, see for example from :: Gothenburg or :: Stockholm