[ 11. Jan 2006 ]

deportation arbitrariness in the Netherlands

A Nigerian man with a Schengen visa married to an Austrian was arrested while his journey through the Netherlands and deported to Lagos. The evidence is, that basic rights were violated and police abuse was done.


On Jan 01 2006 the border control brigade of Amsterdam refused a
Nigerian, who has been married to an Austrian for 15 months, the
journey through the Netherlands, although he holds a valid Schengen visa issued in Austria. Nevertheless the dutch border police accused him of holding a invalid passport, that does not belong to him - the photograph would not show any similarity to him. Furthermore he would be a threat to public life.

On the same day they allocated him to a detention prison named 'T Nieuwe Lloyd. Already the next day, Jan 02, the dutch authorities deported him to Lagos before the term for lodging an appeal exeeded. Neither was he allowed to see a lawyer, nor did the Netherlands' border control get in contact with Austrian Authorities to check the Authenticity of his papers.
On intervention of his wife the dutch border police reacted roughly and merely stated, they must not give any information. Both the austrian embassies in the Netherlands and in Nigeria did not feel responsible in any way.

All his documents (valid passport with vaild visa, e-card of the social insurance, vorteilsticket of the austrian railways) were confiscated of the dutch border police and not given back to him.

Neither the decision of the dismissal nor the sparly information of the dutch authorities could justify a deportation.
The evidence is, that basic rights were violated and police abuse was done.

No one is illegal!
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